What Is Dentacoin Coin (DCN)?

Dentacoin Coin – What is the cryptocurrency used for?

The Dentacoin Coin is a cryptocurrency based on ethereum and intended for use in global dentistry.

The dentacoin coin is regulated by smart contracts.

The platform aims to improve the quality of dentistry worldwide by providing added value to the community through all the solutions developed.

This is the first block chain concept developed for dental medicine and intended for global use.

The developers want to use several tools to ensure that the long-term positive development of international dental care is achieved.

The currency is also used to exchange products and services in the dental sector.

What is the company’s goal and what vision is pursued?

The Dentacoin coin is being developed by the Dentacoin Foundation.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce Inc. already well-known partners in Dentacoin.

The company’s primary goals are to improve dental care worldwide, reduce costs and create a dental community.

The Dentacoin Coin was created to help the Dentacoin Foundation achieve these business goals by supporting the public.

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The coins created are then used to pay for dental treatment.

Dentacoin does not want to compete with other cryptocurrencies and offers a solution and support for the dental sector.

For this purpose, the blockchain is used to define the actual value of a currency, which is supposed to represent the health of all people.

How should the goal be achieved?

In order to realize its goals and vision, Dentacoin focuses on developing a large number of tools, each designed to revolutionize a different sector of dentistry.

Members of the community who develop these tools are to be paid for the added value created by a Dentacoin coin.

After the Initial Coin Offering, the global expansion of Dentacoin will be focused on aggressive marketing strategies and advertising measures.

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As a result of the expansion campaign, the Dentacoin Foundation expects a rapid increase in the number of participating patients and dentists.

In particular, the advantages of Dentacoin are intended to convince users.

This includes a high degree of transparency in the evaluations, which will not be manipulable or changeable by the blockchain.

Patients have an insight into the evaluations of dentists and can make their choice based on this data.

Patients can share their experiences and are rewarded by Dentacoins for objective evaluations by the community. In addition, all data is permanently backed up in the block chain.

The blockchain technology will also be used to advance market research in the field of dentistry.

What is the company’s market capitalization?

Market capitalization is currently USD 50.45 million. The price of a coin is 0.00015 USD.

However, there are 8 trillion coins in circulation, which is 8,000 billion. In addition, a daily volume of USD 116k is traded.

The Dentacoin Foundation had the Initial Coin Offering for October 2017, in which the currency was offered openly on the market for the first time.

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