Tron (TRX) resilience tested – dump before the mainnet launch in sight

The old adage to remove emotions from trading has shown its face time and time again it crypto markets. While many experts have negative feelings towards Tron and their project, it has so far shown that no amount of FUD or no downtrend can harm it. As a reddit user TrueMrSkeltal would comment on the coin:

Sadly this is a better way to make money right now than investing in real projects.”

With the market falling just above $300 billion in market cap and Bitcoin sliding slowly towards $7000, TRX has remained resilient and even managed to break the resistance line of 1000 satoshi just a few days ago. It has since oscillated just below that magic number, clearly showing that it plans on going against the current bear market trend.

This amazing resilience can be attributed to the fact that TRX mainnet is about to be launched in a couple of days. The MainNet will be in the testing phase from 1st to 24th of June. Upon the completion of testing, Mainnets Genesis block will be launched on June 25th at midnight, UTC + 8.

Isaac Walls, a Bitcoin investor from Albany says,

“Tron has arrived folks, the UTorrent bitorrent partnership and Mainnet launch is just what us Tronics were looking for. Justin is not a kid anymore, stop treating him like one; he has delivered time and again. We are hitting 20 cents again and work all the way up to a dollar.”

Ranjan Kumar, a blockchain developer from Delhi says,

“What are these fools up to? It gets added to Apple’s ticker the entire TRON world goes berserk. If Justin gets underwear with Tron written on it then it will be news. Peeps, please look at the price, we are not even touching 8 cents. Stop fooling yourself, if a pump should have happened it should have happened now. So long losers, wait for 30th night when they take a dump on you.

ThatCyrptoGuy from reddit adds the following:

“Tron, never trusted tron, wouldn’t touch it now just because it got so pumped.”

ThatCyrptoGuy seems a bit more optimistic:

“Im Hodlin for them airdrops. It’ll likely dump still as majority of people I’ve talked to don’t even know there are a bunch of airdrops (coming up) at launch.”

The airdrops in question are related to a tweet posted by Justin Sun a couple of days ago. These are clearly enough to keep some people interested in holding the token through the mainnet launch.

Another interesting piece of news is the upcoming partnership with vSports, with one of the main promoters being Wesley Sneijder, the famous Dutch footballer. As the World Cup draws near, this football related platform should ensure that Tron gets massive exposure.

Final positive development is tied to ADDEX, a decentralized exchange, which will move the percent of its DEX volumes that are currently traded via Ethereum into Tron.

All of these news are very bullish signs and if nothing show the general penchant for marketing that Justin Sun possesses. Many people have expected the Tron price to break out by now but that hasn’t happened yet, mostly due to the general bearish sentiment ruling the market. The coin will probably react similarly to what happened at the Testnet launch: there will be a slight retracement, followed up by a period of solid growth. No one can tell with certainty what will happen but all the signs imply that Tron should have a pretty strong Q2 of 2018.

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