Putting $1,000 into Cardano ($ADA)? See What Your Investment Could Become by 2025

Cardano (ADA) has caught the attention of many cryptocurrency investors with its goal to create a sustainable and scalable blockchain network. Its native token ADA has seen some price volatility but also substantial growth since its launch in 2017.

If you’re thinking about investing $1,000 in ADA today, you may be wondering – what could that investment be worth in a few years if Cardano achieves some of its ambitious targets? Let’s run some numbers.

First, if ADA were to reach its previous all-time high market capitalization again of $95 billion, achieved in 2021, a $1,000 investment at today’s price of around $0.52 could potentially grow to around $5,096 by 2025.

Secondly, if ADA were to reach the current all-time high market cap of Ethereum (ETH) at approximately $572 billion, that same $1,000 invested today could potentially be worth a whopping $30,641!

Of course, these scenarios rely on some optimistic assumptions. But Cardano does have one of the strongest communities behind it and continues to hit technology milestones in pursuing its goals.

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As with any cryptocurrency investment, there are risks involved and prices can fluctuate wildly. But if you have money to spare and are looking for a speculative long-term investment, ADA could fit the bill. Just don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

Over a 1-2 year timeframe, a $1,000 investment growing substantially to the $5,000+ range is certainly possible if Cardano can capture more market share and adoption among developers. An outcome exceeding $30K is more speculative but remains within the realm of plausibility.

We can also look to ADA’s price history to gauge its future potential. In the 2018 crypto bull run, ADA hit an all-time high of around $1.30 in January 2018 before declining for several years. When crypto prices surged again in 2021, ADA far exceeded its previous best – hitting an ATH of $3.03 in September 2021.

Source: CoinStats – Start using it today

That’s over 3 times higher than its 2018 peak. If Cardano were to follow a similar trajectory in future bull markets, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see it reaching the $5-10 range or higher next time around.

In closing, buying and holding ADA could reward patient believers handsomely down the road. Will you be one of them? Only time will tell!

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

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