Pionex vs Bitsgap – Crypto Trading Bots in Comparison

Pionex and Bitsgap are cryptocurrency-based platforms that provide users access to automated trading bots, allowing them to earn passive income from crypto trading. 

Although the two trading platforms have similar functionality, they work differently and feature different types of automated trading bots. 

Pionex is both an automated bots provider and an in-house crypto exchange, while Bitsgap uses bots that work with API access from 3rd party exchanges, such as Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, Huobi, and others.

Since Pionex does not support APIs from external exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, to use crypto assets from those exchanges with the automated trading bots on Pionex, you will have to deposit them first.

Pionex Vs. Bitsgap – Pricing

All 16 built-in trading bots on Pionex are free to use, but you will have to pay a small 0.05% fee on each trade.

A normal operation involves starting the automated bot once and stopping it, so you can expect a 0.10% fee per trading session. Bitsgap has three flexible pricing plans, as follows:

The Basic plan at $29 per month, with two grid bots.

Advanced – $69/month – 5 Grid bots, futures bots, trailing up and down for bots.

Pro – $149/month – 20 Grid bots, take profit (stop-limit) bots.

All three pricing plans from Bitsgap include a 7-day free trial, 10 DCA bots, and unlimited smart orders.

Which Bot Is More Trustworthy, Pionex or Bitsgap?

Both Pionex and Bitsgap are leading and trustworthy platforms in the crypto community. Pionex is FinCEN-certified and is backed for more than $10M by Gaorong Capital, Zehn Fund, and Shunwei Capital. Bitsgap uses read-only APIs from crypto exchanges, so it doesn’t have access to your digital assets other than for executing trades on your behalf. 

When connecting your Binance, Coinbase, or other crypto exchange accounts to 3rd party platforms via API, they may sometimes require API withdrawal rights for operations such as arbitrage or cross-platform trading. Make sure you use a trustworthy platform when using your API, or if you want to avoid potential problems, one with limited API access, like Bitsgap.

Pionex Review Vs. Bitsgap: Exchange Platforms

The Pionex exchange has hundreds of digital assets available for trading in manual and automatic modes (using bots), with pairs in USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BUSD, USDC, and BNB. Bitsgap supports more cryptocurrencies than Pionex, combining assets from all the exchanges it has integrated, including Binance, Coinbase, ByBit, KuCoin, Gate.io, Kraken, Huobi, and others. 

Pionex Vs. Bitsgap: which is more profitable?

When using automated trading platforms like Pionex and Bitsgap, it is difficult to tell which is more profitable. It all depends on your trading strategy, portfolio, type of trading bot used, market volatility, and other factors. 

Bitsgap is better for users with accounts on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges on which they want to automate trades from a single interface, while Pionex can be more profitable for those who want both the crypto exchange and the bots to be on the same platform.

Pionex Review Vs. Bitsgap: which bot has more trading strategies?

The Pionex platform offers 16 automated bots and various trading strategies like grid trading, spot futures, DCA, reverse-grid, Martingale, leveraged reverse grid, and others. 

Bitsgap features only two types of cryptocurrency trading robots, a grid trading bot and futures, with trading strategies that include sideways movement, dip-buying, scalping, and a DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) bot.

You can find the following free trading bots on Pionex

  • Grid trading bot with AI strategy or manual settings that allow you to customize your trades.
  • DCA bot (Martingale) with two modes (simple and composite).
  • Rebalancing bot – dual-coin (simplified settings) and multi-coin (customized settings) mode.
  • Strategy bots: Buy-the-dip, BTC Moon, ETH Moon, Bitcoin Growth.
  • Advanced grid bots: Infinity, leveraged, margin, reverse, and leveraged reverse grid.
  • Trailing bots: Trailing DCA, smart trade, trailing buy, trailing sell.
  • Other bots: TWAP (Time-weighted average price) with limited and perpetual modes.
  • Stop Limit with trigger price options to buy or sell assets.

Bitsgap offers two types of algorithmic trading robots, a grid bot, and a futures bot.

The grid bot has three trading strategies, buy the dip, flat, and custom grid, while the futures bot only has two, long – for when the market is bullish, and short – for the bearish market. 

The company has also announced plans to launch a third bot called the DCA trading bot, with popular trading strategies such as MACD + RSI, stochastic + channel, pure DCA, and custom DCA.

Pionex Vs. Bitsgap: Operating Systems

Both Pionex and Bitsgap are available as a web-based platform, accessible via a browser on both mobile devices (Android and iOS)

and desktop computers (Windows or Linux), while Pionex offers a mobile trading app for Android and iOS.

Pionex Vs. Bitsgap: Privacy & Security Winner

While Pionex is a platform with good security features (it is FinCEN-certified), it aggregates liquidity from Binance and Huobi, which is less secure than using its own liquidity as an exchange. Bitsgap uses read-only API access from external crypto exchanges to perform trades, which means it doesn’t have access to send your assets out of your exchange account, so it is safer than Pionex. 

In terms of privacy, Pionex requires KYC verification if you want to buy crypto with your credit card or if you want to increase your withdrawal limits. Bitsgap KYC (know your customer) verification depends on the crypto exchange used, so if you use a privacy-oriented exchange platform like KuCoin, KYC is not mandatory. 

Which bot has better customer support, Pionex or Bitsgap?

Pionex and Bitsgap offer similar customer support services, with Pionex support available via email and live chat. Bitsgap offers email, regular mail, and live chat support on Telegram. Customer support is friendly and of good quality on both platforms.

Pionex Vs. Bitsgap: The Bottom Line

Pionex and Bitsgap offer similar benefits and functionality, with advanced bots and trading strategies available on both platforms. Pionex is more beginner-friendly, as it features a built-in exchange with solid liquidity, a friendlier user interface, and 16 types of trading robots. 

Bitsgap requires better technical knowledge and has only two types of bots, which makes it a better choice for more experienced users. It is also a good solution for users with accounts on multiple exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or KuCoin, who want to automate trades without having to log in to each platform to trade manually or to use a trading bot. 

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Is Bitsgap cloud-based❓

Yes, the Bitsgap platform is cloud-based, allowing your bots to run continuously (24/7), even when you are offline.

How much does Pionex cost❓

Trading bots on the Pionex platform are completely free. However, there is a fee of 0.05% for each trade, a practice that is normal in the cryptocurrency field.

Does Bitsgap have a mobile app❓

No. Bitsgap is only available as a web-based platform and does not have a mobile application at the time of writing.

Can you lose money with Bitsgap❓

Yes. When trading cryptocurrencies, either manually or in an automated mode, you should only invest funds that you can afford to lose. The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market may cause a temporary or even permanent loss of funds – partial or total – in cases of hacking, market collapse, exchanges that go bankrupt, rug-pulls, and other unpredictable risk factors.

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