Leading Analyst Identifies Mega Ascending Triangle in Ripple (XRP) Price Chart; Forecasts Breakout Will Push Price to $1.4

Famous expert in technical analysis, @egragcrypto, has given some easy-to-understand insights about the cryptocurrency XRP, highlighting that its price might make a big move soon. In his latest look at XRP, he talks about the chances of big changes in price and points out a coming “liquidity storm,” which he calls “The Perfect Storm.”

Review of June 10th Events

Back in June, @egragcrypto spotted a pattern called a Mini AT (Minimum Ascending Triangle) in XRP’s price chart. This was followed by a big breakout, with XRP hitting the predicted price of $0.93, proving EGRAG CRYPTO’s analysis right.

The Mega Ascending Triangle Formation

Moving to what’s happening now, @egragcrypto is looking at a new pattern in XRP’s price, called the MEGA AT (Mega Ascending Triangle Formation). He expects another big breakout, predicting that XRP’s price might go up to around $1.40, possibly moving between $1.3 and $1.5.

Expecting “The Perfect Storm”

@egragcrypto is advising the #XRPArmy to stay calm as he sees “The Perfect Storm” coming—a huge change in liquidity, compared to a New York rainstorm. He stresses the importance of the “Strong Support Box,” saying that the big breakout is likely to happen above this level.

Crypto Community’s Excitement

People in the crypto community are closely watching and really looking forward to seeing if @egragcrypto’s predictions come true. His past accurate predictions have made him a top analyst, and many traders are planning their moves based on his advice on #XRP.


EGRAG CRYPTO’s predictions are guiding traders through the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency markets. If his current predictions on XRP come true, it will strengthen his reputation as a leading expert in cryptocurrency analysis. Everyone in the crypto world is waiting eagerly to see if what’s happening will match @egragcrypto’s respected predictions, possibly bringing a new period of gains and success for #XRP fans.

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Julian Joseph Lehmann