Bitcoin Minetrix Gains Amid Crypto Crash, Presale Crosses $1M – Why Investors Have Found a Haven in the Staking Crypto

The Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) presale is close to breaking past the $1M milestone. Despite the broader market downtrends, the presale has witnessed a surge in traffic over the last few days. 

It hints that investors are cashing out risky investments to buy into the presale early for discounted prices. 

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new Bitcoin alternative that comes with a unique crypto passive income module called stake-to-mine. It allows users to earn mining rewards by staking their BTCMTX tokens. The novel crypto staking mechanism has gone viral in crypto communities in a short time. 

Holding Onto High-Cap Assets Comes at a Cost

Investors have been looking forward to an Uptober, after months of lukewarm performance. So the recent crypto crash has left them with a shock. Clearly, holding onto saturated, high-cap assets comes at a cost. No amount of speculation can save their fate. 

The large market capitalizations in billions and millions are to blame primarily. These assets have little room for growth, as most of them are already selling above their intrinsic value. Factoring in the downtrends, they provide little yield to investors. 

Cardano 1-year price action, CoinMarketCap

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum have surged 41.67% and 21.88% respectively over the last 12 months, assets like XRP, ADA, and MATIC have been in the red zone. Despite the developments in their underlying ecosystems, they are struggling to justify a price rise. 

But the diminishing popularity of high-cap assets and the series of sell-offs are working in favor of new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Minetrix. That partly explains the growing traffic to the Bitcoin Minetrix presale over the last few days. 

Bitcoin Minetrix Allows Everyday People to Mine Bitcoin in a Decentralized Way

Why Bitcoin Minetrix amid a clutter of new cryptocurrencies?

To get the answer, we should look into the market relevance and growth potential of Bitcoin Minetrix.  The market relevance of the project lies in the fact that Bitcoin mining has long remained confined to a few people or companies that could afford the initial investment, technical expertise, and time it demands. 

The space is getting increasingly competitive, yet the rewards are lucrative. Especially with the Bitcoin-halving scheduled for next year, experts are anticipating a huge surge in the BTC price up to $100,000. 

The fact that everyday investors don’t have access to mining or mining rewards is dispiriting. This is the thought that went behind the launch of Bitcoin Minetrix. In a first-of-its-kind approach, the project introduces a stake-to-mine system that is accessible to everyone. 

It is user-friendly and budget-friendly. Moreover, it is a source of crypto passive income. 

Although multiple BTC cloud mining platforms have entered the market over the last few years, Bitcoin Minetrix is the first to significantly reduce the technical and financial barriers to the sector. 

As Easy As It Can Get

To begin your mining journey on Bitcoin Minetrix, you need to first buy $BTCMTX tokens, which are now selling for a substantially discounted price in the presale. If users wait until the token launch to buy the token, it might be too late as the FOMO around the project is growing. 

According to analysts, it could lead to a steep price rise on BTCMTX’s debut exchange listing. 

Once you have bought $BTCMTX tokens according to your budget, you need to go to the crypto staking module where you can lock them in the smart contract. That’s pretty much it. Your account will start accruing rewards over time.

How Bitcoin Minetrix works 

An important thing to note here is that the stake-to-mine module is not live yet. But you can start earning crypto staking rewards (in $BTCMTX tokens) starting from the presale stage. On the release of the stake-to-mine module, you will be receiving cloud mining credits instead. 

You can burn them to get BTC mining rewards. 

The beauty of the system is its flexibility. Not only does it not require any initial hardware investment like traditional cloud mining platforms, but it also allows you to stake and unstake your tokens at your convenience. 

The Mining Credits are Non-Transferable

You can buy and sell $BTCMTX tokens on public crypto exchanges. It is the investment token that undergoes value appreciation as the ecosystem expands to a larger user base over time. 

The stake-to-mine credits on Bitcoin Minetrix, on the other hand, are non-transferable ERC20 tokens. The system discourages their hacks as the hacker would be unable to make use of these credits. 

Users have full authority over their assets on Bitcoin Minetrix. 

Will $BTCBTX Follow Bitcoin’s Journey?

Given that $BTCBTX is dependent on Bitcoin, it is unlikely to follow a highly volatile price trajectory like BTC. But from an investment perspective, Bitcoin Minetrix will outperform BTC in 2023. 

Being in its early stages of development, Bitcoin Minetrix has the market relevance and room to give investors substantially larger returns than Bitcoin for the next two to three years. 

Investors are anticipating a 500% to 1000% price surge on the release of the token. The current crypto staking APY of 598% also makes it a compelling buy. 

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