SEC vs Ripple Lawsuit Prompts Investors to Turn Towards BlockDAG’s $2M Presale

As the protracted SEC vs Ripple dispute continues to exert downward pressure on XRP price, Ripple investors are turning away from the network to new projects such as BlockDAG (BDAG), and Pushd (PUSHD). Pioneering revolutionary visions in their respective sectors, Pushd and BlockDAG, both currently in their presale stages, look highly promising. In particular, keep your eye on BlockDAG as the project stands poised for explosive growth, as evidenced by its highly successful presale and a projected ROI of approximately 3233% for investors who buy at the current price.

XRP Price Continues to Face Downward Pressure

XRP price has been struggling for the past three years, in large part because of Ripple’s continued dumping of its XRP holdings. Moreover, the ongoing SEC vs Ripple dispute has further dampened XRP’s value, with the price dropping approximately 44% since the ruling on July 13, 2023. The possibility of SEC’s appeal, in the absence of a settlement, has further intensified the downward pressure on XRP price.

XRP’s lacklustre performance is particularly striking in the light of the recent market-wide surge, where major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are enjoying significant growth.

Pushd – Bridging Crypto With E-Commerce

Pushd presale has recently garnered significant interest within the cryptocurrency community, with 27,000 registrants signing up to date. With the global e-commerce industry expanding and crypto adoption growing, the necessity for a platform like Pushd is evident.

At the core of Pushd (PUSH) is a decentralised KYC-free ecommerce  platform, where vendors have the flexibility to choose the tokens they want to accept for their products. Additionally, Push shoppers can exchange their tokens for PUSHD if they don’t hold the required token. On top of that, Push offers a debit card for direct spending and an incentive program.

BlockDAG – Brace Yourselves for the Crypto Revolution

A new PoW project is poised to shake up the crypto world like never before: BlockDAG. As a whole ecoystem of decentralized solutions, BlockDAG can be compared to BNB, Ripple, and Solana. In terms of ROI, BlockDAG stands poised for such comparable returns, eyeing an approximately 3233% ROI for investors who buy at the current batch.

Early investors, who bought at the initial price of $0.001, already reaped a solid 50% ROI as the price rose to $0.0015 in the second batch. The price is set to increase incrementally with each subsequent batch, culminating at $0.05 by the final batch. Investors should act quickly to capitalize on the current price before the project moves forward to the third batch.

In addition to massive ROI potential, BlockDAG offers several other opportunities for passive income. Through BlockDAG crypto mining solutions, users can earn revenue by mining BDAG tokens. In addition, BlockDAG’s mining devices can also be resold at higher prices after the project’s official launch, on any authorized platforms.

BlockDAG has so far raised $2 million and is showing no signs of slowing down. In response to the overwhelming early investor interest, BlockDAG has announced a $2 million mega giveaway shared by 50 lucky community members. To participate in the giveaway, follow BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit your wallet address, increase your chances by completing all quests, and bring friends for extra entries!

Key Takeaways

Amidst the ongoing SEC vs Ripple dispute, the downward pressure on XRP price has prompted XRP holders to explore alternative investment opportunities. BlockDAG and Pushd presales have caught investors’ eye with their revolutionary technologies and post-launch ROI potential. BlockDAG especially stands out, boasting a jaw-dropping 3233% ROI potential for investors who get in before the project moves forward to the third batch.





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