Will Ethereum ETF’s Explode In 2024? Binance Users Sue Cristiano Ronaldo Over NFT’ How BlockDAG Network Became A Crypto Sensation Overnight

QCP Capital, a Singapore crypto management firm, eyes the potential of an Ethereum (ETH) ETF. The company predicts an ETH ETF after the Bitcoin (BTC) halving event. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo faces a lawsuit for billions of dollars for his support for Binance-based NFTs. On the other hand, BlockDAG (BDAG) makes a dramatic entrance into the world of crypto presale, raising a million and offering a unique referral program to earn 10% extra.

Can Ethereum ETF Break The Internet Again? 

QCP Capital, a Singapore-based crypto asset trading company has stated that  Ethereum getting U.S. exchange-traded fund (ETF) approval, will have a huge impact shortly. The remarks came with the crypto market’s sensitivity to global events. Reports suggest that the Bitcoin Halving event will approach in just three months and will be an important event in the crypto world. 

The chances of ETH spot ETFs after May 2024, are marked as the next significant event in the crypto market. The hype of Ethereum spot ETF is gaining heat, due to the recent supportive statements from BlackRock CEO, Larry Fink. The comments showed positive value in Ethereum ETF and the belief that it can move towards tokenization. 

Binance Puts Cristiano Ronaldo In Trouble 

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of promoting NFTs for Binance and faces a billion-dollar class action lawsuit. The Binance customers have filed a federal lawsuit in Florida against the football star. Filed last year in November in the Southern District of Florida, the lawsuit states Rolando’s Binance endorsement to be deceiving and illegal. 

Plaintiffs state that partnerships between Binance and prominent figures have put them into costly and risky investments. The lawsuit further claims that the fraudulent activities of Binance, along with unregistered securities sales, were supported by global celebrities and wealthy firms. Binance previously paid more than $4 billion in penalties and admitted to wrongdoing. 

BlockDAG Network Rises To Prominence After Historical Presale Surge 

By aligning its efforts to reach $600 million in 2024, the BlockDAG coin has launched its X-Series mining rigs. The mining machines allow users to earn 125 to 25,000 BDAG daily. The series includes X1, X10, X30, and X100, all with different mining capabilities and features. 

BlockDAG gains its reputation with its numerous income-earning opportunities.  Starting from mobile mining with its X1 application, users can earn up to 125 BDAG daily. To increase the earnings from the coin’s mining potential, users can pre-order any of the X-Series models.  

With the Bitcoin halving event coming up, experts predict a boost in the overall crypto market. The hype of Bitcoin ETF approval has lured investors to the crypto market. Through this event, BlockDAG has earned $1 million in 24 hours. To add to the excitement, BDAG coin offers a unique referral program which gives 10% in rewards. For every referee the referrer earns 10%, this connects the sense of community where everyone can earn and grow with BlockDAG. 

Argentina Embraces Bitcoin as Payment Method, Fuelling a 200% Surge in Profitable Crypto Mining, Priming BlockDAG Coin’s 2024 Success

Impacts Of Bitcoin ETF Approval 

Singaporean crypto asset firm shows confidence in Ethereum ETF after the Bitcoin Halving event, as BlackRock passes positive feedback on such a possibility. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo the famous footballer, faces a lawsuit in Florida for billions of dollars in deceiving partnership with Binance. Simultaneously, BlockDAG has launched its referral program and X-Series miners to help its community earn and grow. While Bitcoin ETF approvals’ positive impact has surged the whole crypto market making BDAG earn $1 million in 24 hours.  

Invest In BlockDAG Presale 

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