Uniswap’s Decentralizing Move Raises Concerns; Ethereum Whales Turn to AI Crypto Gem

InQubeta ($QUBE) has arisen as one of the top altcoins to buy as its presale crosses the $3.7 million milestone. $QUBE prices have already doubled since the event started and people who join now get to increase their investment by 300%. This has resulted in the project gaining significant attention, including Ethereum Whales.

It’s one of the new Defi projects launched this year and aims to increase accessibility to artificial intelligence (AI) investments by creating an alternative to the hassles associated with traditional investment avenues like being made to prove you’ve earned over $200,000 for two years straight to qualify for angel investment opportunities. 

Meanwhile, Uniswap’s recent decision to add a 0.15% trading fee on its wallet and website has caused massive disagreements among investors who feel it goes against the spirit of what a decentralized exchange should represent. $UNI prices have dropped by over 6% since the news was announced. 

InQubeta ($QUBE) touted as the top altcoin to buy in 2023

InQubeta has been a favorite of cryptocurrency investors ever since its presale started. The project has managed to sell over 410 million $QUBE tokens so far and investors who bought tokens during the beta stage have already grown their investment 2x. 

InQubeta’s creative way of making it easier to invest in AI set the project up for success given how bullish investors have been toward the technology in the past decade. Investments in AI have grown 12x since 2015 and over $120 billion is currently invested in the technology. This party is just getting started with over $1.5 trillion projected to pour into AI in the next several years. 

InQubeta is set to be right in the middle of the AI revolution as it offers more accessible investment opportunities and directs capital to AI startups looking to advance the technology. 

Artificial intelligence is no longer just some interesting idea showcased in science fiction content. It’s our current reality and already plays a more important role than many people realize. For example, Amazon recently started using humanoid robots to sort boxes in a Texas warehouse and cars with autonomous features are now being mass-produced by companies like Tesla. 

Tech breakthroughs always create opportunities for investors to earn considerable profits and it won’t be any different with artificial intelligence. Here’s how InQubeta opens up access to AI investments:

  • AI startups are allowed to fundraise on the InQubeta ecosystem after being approved by the operations team
  • These firms create ERC20 coins or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with investment opportunities minted into them. Think of these as InQubeta’s alternative to stocks
  • ERC 20 coins are added to the NFT marketplace where they can be acquired with $QUBE. Investors get full control of their tokens from that point and they can resell them whenever they choose

Investors can also back the InQubeta platform directly by holding or staking $QUBE. Some projections have prices rising 100x once launched, so a $500 investment today could be worth over $50,000 within a year. 

Uniswap ($UNI) investors upset with new trading fees

Uniswap’s decision to add a 0.15% trading fee on its wallet and website wasn’t well received by some of the exchange’s investors who hold its governance token, $UNI. The point of contention some investors have with the new fees is the fact they’ll be directed to Uniswap Labs, the company behind the decentralized exchange, and not $UNI hodlers. 

Uniswap Labs states the fees will help to fund future research and development as the exchange and its DeFi services expand. The new fees are estimated to generate as much as $12 million yearly if trading volumes remain constant on the exchange. 


$QUBE is one of the top altcoins to buy as its presale extends 3x returns to those who join now, and prices are expected to surge exponentially once launched on exchanges. The project’s ingenious way of making AI investments more accessible virtually guarantees its success as over $1.5 trillion will be directed into AI by 2030. 

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