Traders Are Leaving $PEPE and $PEPE2.0 to Hedge Bets With These New Meme Coins Expected to Explode Next

Traders are leaving recently established meme coin sensations as they look for new opportunities that can provide higher returns.

Meme coins like $PEPE and $PEPE2.0, two projects stealing all the headlines recently, have suffered substantial losses over the past few days.

It seems they’re broadening their horizons and starting to hedge bets with newly emerging meme coins that analysts expect to explode next. In particular, Mr. Hankey Coin, Chimpzee, and Thug Life are seeing significant gains as traders leave $PEPE and $PEPE2.0.

Memecoin Sensations See Traders Leaving as Prices Drop

Projects like Pepe and Pepe 2.0 caused a wave of bullishness in the meme coin sector, resulting in hoards of traders piling into the newly-established meme coins and pushing them to exceptionally high market caps.

It started as $PEPE hit the headlines in early May when the new meme coin quickly reached a $1.5 billion market cap – making it one of the fastest-growing meme coin launches in 2023;

Then, a few months later, Pepe 2.0 came up with an idea to re-do the billion-dollar run of its predecessor by making the landscape fairer by removing the blacklist function in the Pepe smart contract.

Although $PEPE2.0 didn’t reach quite as high as $PEPE, it did manage to reach a $90 million market cap in just a few days;

Unfortunately, the hype behind these meme coin sensations seems to be dying down as they both see traders leaving their ecosystems.

$PEPE is now down by almost 22% since the high set last week, as it currently trades around $0.00000147;

Similarly, $PEPE2.0 is seeing additional losses after falling over 75% from its all-time high price, now trading at the $0.0000000687 level.

With both of these new meme coin sensations, retail traders are starting to wonder why traders are leaving.

Why Are Traders Leaving?

One of the primary reasons why the growth of these meme coins is stalling is due to the fact that traders are taking profits.

$PEPE produced over 30,000% for early adopters, and these traders will likely want to ensure they bank the profits from the move higher.

In addition, $PEPE2.0 also helped to birth a handful of new meme coin millionaires, who will also be thinking along the same lines to secure their gains.

Furthermore, traders are starting to realize that the extraordinary gains behind these tokens have passed and are beginning to look to the next set of meme coins to rotate their profits for further gains.

Which New Meme Coins Are Traders Buying Instead?

While the momentum behind these new meme coin sensations starts to fade, traders are rotating their profits into the next generation of meme coins they believe can produce similar returns.

The meme coin landscape constantly evolves, with traders not sticking around in projects for extended periods as they look to ride the next trend.

In particular, three new meme coins are gaining traction while the established giants see downturns. These newly emerging meme coins are Mr. Hankey ($HANKEY), Chimpzee ($CHMPZ), and Thug Life ($THUG).

Mr. Hankey Coin – Viral Shitcoin With $500,000 Hard Cap and Limited Spots Available

One newly-emerging meme coin that traders are preparing to flock to is Mr. Hankey Coin, which plans to launch its presale today.

Described as the number one shitcoin, Mr. Hankey Coin combines the hilarious aspect behind meme coins with high returns.

The project is gaining quick traction on social media, attracting almost 7,000 on Twitter with 1,200 members on Telegram. This is before its limited presale is even live, showing the elevated anticipation behind this shitcoin.

The project has a unique theme, inspired by the Christmas deity Mr. Hankey from the famed South Park show.

The character is literally a ‘piece of shit’ who first appeared in 1997 and has become one of the most beloved characters.

Now, $HANKEY wants to give a whole new meaning to ‘dirty money’ by ditching the glitz and glamor and diving headfirst into the loo of meme coin reality – providing a breath of fresh air for the meme coin degens.

The presale for $HANKEY intends to raise just $500,000, meaning there will be limited spots to get involved at presale prices for this token.

With 40% of the tokens sold in the presale, $HANKEY will launch with a low $1.25 million market cap, providing exceptional room for 20x-50x returns for presale buyers.

Furthermore, the project has enlisted an expert marketing team determined to make $HANKEY the fastest-trending and best-performing shitcoin of 2023.

The marketing team has wild ambitions to get listed on as many centralized exchanges as possible to dominate the market.

Although unconfirmed, rumors spread that the marketing team behind $SPONGE or $PEPE might be involved in $HANKEY.

Finally, the token is expected to launch with significant liquidity in the pool, which will be locked by Team Finance – preventing the possibility of a rug-pull.

Overall, $HANKEY is touted as the next meme coin lined up to provide enormous returns for investors.

However, traders must quickly enter with such a small hard cap and limited spots available.

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Chimpzee – Revolutionizing How Meme Coins Function Through Passive Income and Charitable Contributions

Another meme coin gaining considerable traction as heavyweights like $PEPE fall is Chimpzee, a project that lets investors make money while doing their part to save nature and fight climate change.

Chimpzee is revolutionizing how people contribute to charity by offering three ways to earn passive income.

The project includes elements of shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn – all generating funds for holders and noteworthy charitable organizations.

Chimpzee also includes a wide range of NFTs, with the Diamond Passport providing maximum passive income through the ecosystem.

The team has consistently shown its commitment to charity by donating significantly to organizations – even before its presale has concluded.

For example, it’s already donated $15,000 to help save the last herd of desert-adapted Elephants through WILD Foundation.

Furthermore, the team has already contributed to One Tree Planted to plant 20,000 trees.

All its donations are made through The Giving Block, a blockchain-based donation service, so the contributions are fully transparent.

Overall, Chimpzee is using Web3 mechanics to make a positive change in the world while still helping investors earn returns.

The presale has already raised over $800,000, selling $CHMPZ for $0.0007. However, once the next milestone is reached, the price will increase to $0.000775, so it’s best to get invested as early as possible.

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Thug Life – A Unique Presale With Enormous Upside Potential

The last token traders are leaving $PEPE and $PEPE2.0 for is Thug Life – a new meme coin that provides a unique presale opportunity to get invested on an even playing field.

Thug Life is a project designed for those struggling to navigate the murky waters of Web3 investments, providing a solid opportunity for traders to turn previous losses into wins.

The project takes inspiration from the Thug Life movement, popularized by Hip-Hop stars in the 80s like Snoop Dogg and Tupac.

Described as the ballers’ meme coin, Thug Life has no utility but a shared grind of hustling in the degen crypto space.

The project is being tipped to explode after its presale, which has quickly raised over $1.2 million.

Investors are flocking to this project due to its intention to launch fairly and the expert marketing team pushing it.

Thug Life wants to build a strong and united community to push the token into the mainstream meme coin circle by offering a fair investment presale for everybody.

Instead of using multiple price points in its presale, $THUG will be sold at a single cost of $0.0007.

Furthermore, the presale has a small $2 million hard cap, meaning that over half of the tokens have been snapped up by investors in less than two weeks – demonstrating the hype for the project.

As a result, the token will launch at a $2.94 million market cap, which is relatively low for presale projects and provides huge room for growth.

For example, it would only need to climb to $30 million to provide 10x returns for presale buyers – easily achievable with a calculated marketing push.

Lastly, the team has stated that they have $200,000 ETH guaranteed for the liquidity pool once it launches, providing adequate liquidity for traders to efficiently enter and exit the market.

Team Finance will also lock this liquidity for three months, preventing any concerns traders may have of it being a scam.

Overall, the FOMO behind $THUG is quickly building, and the presale is expected to sell out before the weekend – so you’ll need to act soon if you want to get involved.

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