This Top Analyst Plans to Sell BTC for XRP Because Ripple Is About to Explode

Popular crypto analyst Davinci Jeremie made waves this week when he announced in a video posted to his YouTube channel that he is considering dumping his Bitcoin holdings in favor of Ripple’s XRP token. His rationale? Jeremie believes recent developments make it likely that Ripple is on the verge of a major price explosion that could leave Bitcoin in the dust.

The Ripple Vision

Ripple, and its associated XRP cryptocurrency token, have long set their sights on revolutionizing global payments. The Ripple protocol allows financial institutions to settle cross-border payments quickly, inexpensively, and securely, potentially replacing traditional systems like SWIFT.

While Ripple has faced scrutiny in the past from regulators, the company scored a major victory this year when it prevailed in a high-stakes lawsuit brought against it by the SEC. This outcome has paved the way for expanded adoption and new partnerships.

Recent Wins

In recent months, Ripple has continued racking up wins. XRP received regulatory approval in several key markets in 2023, including Ireland, Singapore, and Dubai. These developments have boosted institutional support for the token.

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As Jeremie noted in his video:

“XRP is basically you agreeing to have a cryptocurrency that does the same thing as the USD.”

Price Outlook

Jeremie predicts these fundamentals have set the stage for a significant price surge in XRP. He believes manipulative forces may push its price as high as $1.33 in the near future, allowing it to decisively move past the local top of $1 it tested earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin faces resistance around the $47,200 level, unless it can maintain current support. And Ethereum, which looked weaker in Jeremie’s analysis, could negatively impact Bitcoin prices in the short term.

Trading Strategy

Given the confluence of factors lining up behind XRP, Jeremie stressed the importance of trading based on the token’s clear upward trajectory rather than any personal preferences for other cryptos:

“You don’t hate it, don’t date it, just trade it.”

The main risk in trading XRP, he cautioned, is that the coming move may happen rapidly, limiting traders’ ability to set stop losses.

The Bottom Line

While unpredictable moves from manipulative actors make it difficult to predict exactly what path Ripple and XRP will take, Jeremie believes the likelihood of substantial gains is too strong to ignore. That’s why this top crypto analyst is considering rotating out of Bitcoin and into this resurgent altcoin.

For traders seeking explosive upside potential, it may be time to stop fighting the tape and start riding the Ripple. Past bitterness over XRP may need to be set aside – the token’s technical and fundamental outlook is simply too promising to ignore.

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Temitope Olatunji
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