The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Right Now

Back in 2009, when crypto first landed on the market in response to the calamities of the financial crisis, nobody would have known how huge it would be, just a decade down the line, right? Nowadays, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies available on the market, each one having their own specialities and qualities that make them appealing to invest in. With the market expanding as much as it has today, the market cap of cryptocurrency alone has amassed to $1.3 trillion and counting.

As an investor, it can be quite difficult to know what exactly you should invest in, with the many available, some being more volatile than others. Bitcoin and other alternative digital currencies are currently being used as digital wallets for online casino usage. In fact, it is very much becoming an upcoming trend to use bitcoin casinos. There are multiple and trustworthy bitcoin gambling sites for those that are looking to invest and play with their wallets, at the same time. In fact, some of these bitcoin casinos are offering dividends possibilities such as Betfury, but we advise you to check for more information.

Below is an elaboration on the best cryptocurrencies on the market right now that deserve your investment and extra research into it!

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Bitcoin has been the dominant cryptocurrency in the field, there is no doubt about that. Having investors from both the retail and instructional backgrounds, this is what has allowed cryptocurrency to massively grow to the place that it has reached today. Some of the most technical and smartest minds have all flocked towards investing into this coin, and it is often referred to as the digital gold of the realm today. Twitter founders and Square Inc. commented on how this currency has never become as important as the status that it holds today.

Bitcoin is appreciated for its ability to guard less wealthier countries against currency decline, and it allows funds to be transported for far cheaper across the borders of the world. Bitcoin has managed to lose half its price within two months, but many know that its pricing will always rise again, and an investor’s smart decision would be to buy the drop-when it is cheaper. Tesla Inc. decided to put Bitcoin as a currency for their balance sheets, meaning this should do well to represent how the corporate world is only just starting when it comes to this cryptocurrency.


Ethereum is the world’s second leading cryptocurrency within the market, and has always played second fiddle to Bitcoin regardless. With a current market cap of $276 billion, it has some of the largest shares in the entire gaming cryptocurrency market, which is around 18% in statistical figures. Put this against the giant Bitcoin, and you will see how colossal Bitcoin’s hold is. At 47%, Bitcoin is four times larger to its next of kin. Nevertheless, Ethereum has allowed users to create contracts when using the currency, to ensure protection and conditions that must be met.

Ethereum is potentially going to cut out the middleman between banks and brokers, meaning it could be a huge money platform for many today. With the rise of DeFi, this should push more crypto investors into using Ethereum, as well as pushing for more exchange tokens and NFTs for users of the digital platform.


Just like its sister coin, Cardano is a decentralised blockchain digital platform that uses natives such as Ada, to allow secure transactions to go ahead. Cardano is actually founded by the co-founder of Ethereum, who happened to leave to focus all his attention on this alternative. This cryptocurrency was designed to allow smaller energy demands that are invoked by Bitoin and Ethereum. Cardano manages to do this, by ensuring that it does not incentivise such high energy uses, which is typical of the other blockchain platforms derivatives.

Cardano currently is at around a $43 billion market cap, which puts it fifth in the lead for its value within the market. Some say that the smart approach by this blockchain, will put it in the lead for the transition to the top spots. While this is still a pending movement, many believe the smart contracts should fully transition by fall 2021, meaning all potential investors should stand by.


Dogecoin has been massively played upon over social media, with the meme of the Shiba Inu dog, if you recall. Created first and foremost for light hearted fun, it immediately joined the blockchain craze, and in one year alone, has surged by 4000% in value. Currently, this cryptocoin stands at number 8 in value on the market, with its price increase massively peaking in May of 2021 alone. While some are doubtful of this cryptocurrency, it has shown sustainable growth in the grand scheme of things, when referring to its growth over a year’s number graph, for example.

With the 130 billion Dogecoins that exist within circulation today, there are new blocks available to mine each and every year. The unlimited supply of circulation puts this coin at below a dollar, meaning it is relatively cheap. It’s cheaper comparison to the biggest currency Bitcoin, puts the Doge as one of the premier cryptocurrencies on the market today. It never hurts to invest in this one.


Binance has a very limited number of coins within circulation. With a 200 million limit, it is the fourth-most demanded cryptocurrency, and for that very reason, it has soared in price. In 2021 alone, the price of the coin has soared massively in the market, to allow a 700% and counting growth. Being the native currency for those who operate on the Binance exchange, the model of this operates very differently to those on the market currently. It once was a coin of much speculation, but now it has managed to surpass that, with its $50 billion capitalization in the market. This coin will continue to grow, so it definitely should be on your list of investments for fall 2021.

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