Stratis (STRAT) is still in the game to be the “next big thing” in crypto

Stratis has been experiencing a downturn of fortunes, at least when it comes to its price. Its highest BTC point during the last month and a half was reached on July 3rd, when one STRAT went for 44822 satoshi. Ever since it was a bumpy ride, one which saw the coin drop in value, retest the mentioned BTC highs on the 18th (when it also achieved its USD high of $3.30) and fall down to $2.52/32670 satoshi on the 31st.

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August saw it bleed out more as it reached the lows of $1.19/20150 satoshi before slightly recovering during this latest alt bounce. It has since been having a red day (just like most alts have) and is currently worth $1.50 USD (1.10% rise in the last 24 hours)/23597 satoshi (0.62% rise in the last 24 hours). The currency has a low daily trade volume of 248 BTC and a market cap of $148,666,069 which makes it the 50th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

A TradingView user tradecoinplus recently posted this analysis of the currency:

“STRAT has been a headache for many investors with a target price in 2017 up to $ 100 but only went one fifth of their way. Price is currently falling to $2 at current price of about 28000 satoshi. We realize that STRAT is preparing to correct the correction zone in the long term correction trend, with a correction wave of nearly 1 year, we appreciate the possibility of future growth in STRAT.”

The user feels there is mid-term potential for this coin to grow. Check out his entry and target prices here.

Stratis is a business-oriented service which lets various corporations create dApps on top of its blockchain. By turning to Stratis for their blockchain solutions, the companies get the option of running their own cryptocurrencies/smart contracts without having to waste resources on developing and running an entirely new blockchain. People often cite it as a coin worth staking, which is a practice of holding the STRAT tokens in a staking compatible wallet and getting passive income in return. Stratis staking offers payouts of 0.5-1% per year and people are embracing the practice.

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However, there are some smaller issues with staking, as individual stakers with lower holdings receive their rewards too rarely for this practice to be profitable. Holders/stakers of bigger bags and members of staking pools apparently receive their rewards more often. Regarding staking, Stratis has recently released a mandatory update to people staking with the StratisX wallet; they recommend that stakers install this update when conveniently possible or else they’ll be switched onto a different chain.

The project’s community doesn’t seem very lively (at least on Reddit, apparently their Telegram/Discord are more active) but a user named Khilone maintains an “unnoficial weekly Stratis retrospect”; he delivered his 32nd update just a couple of days ago. In his update, Khilone notes that Stratis blockchain officially saw its second birthday come on 9th of August.

“It’s amazing to see how far Stratis has come in these last two years — from an ICO with $ 600.000 raised and only two people working on Stratis to a well-established business with a multi-million valuation, over thirty-five full-time employees worldwide and a community of thousands! It’s incredible to see how far it’s all come along, not only with the Stratis Full Node coming to completion, but also other projects like Stratis Sidechains and Smart Contracts in C# making an impact,” says the mentioned update. The update also contains information about the changes to the Smart Contracts and talks about the first Masternodes containing the new Breeze Privacy Protocol. Check out the update to gain the full scope of what transpired across the last week.

The project has solid long term potential, especially considering that it’s backed by big names like Microsoft. While the developers confirmed their long term commitment to the project by delivering on their Q1 and Q2 roadmap promises, they are yet to release the roadmap for Q3 and Q4 and the community is getting restless about that. Disregarding that minor chink in their armor, Stratis will definitely be looking to keep going from strength to strength and grow into a commercially viable blockchain project.

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