Sia Coin (SC) Is Still Alive And Has Some Great News To Report

Last week was officially announced the launch of the Goobox Alpha platform, an encrypted file storage and sharing service based on the decentralized cloud storage network, Sia.

The announcement, posted on Sia’s blog, refers to the tool based on two fundamental features: its end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge, which alludes to the privacy of stored information, considered central in the proposal….

Here is a guide about SIA coin.

Goobox also intends to be a competition of services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and WeTransfer, privileging the issue of privacy as its main benefit with respect to these.

Privacy as focal point

The creators of Goobox chose Sia as their base on the premise that this cloud space is one of the most decentralized to date, which fits their privacy policy. Sia highlights as an advantage the fact that there are no intermediaries between the users’ information and the users themselves, as this system is not controlled by a central entity.

The sending process is described in the following steps: First, the file is fragmented and encrypted locally. Then the system sends the fragments to different servers that host them in Sia; these arrive at a database and a download link is generated.

Then, when a download link is provided to the system, it retrieves the metadata from the server in the receiver’s browser; it downloads the fragments, and recomposes the encrypted files from them. Finally, it regenerates the file(s) and downloads them to the recipient’s device.

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The creators of the tool point out that it uses several sub-processes in parallel, in order to speed up upload and download times. The Goobox team is distributed in different geographical areas, such as Holland, Canada, Portugal, United States, Thailand and Malaysia.

In March 2018, they announced through their Twitter account that the file transfer service now known as Goobox Alpha would be the first in a series of cloud-based platforms and block chain technology that they would develop in the months and years to come.

Likewise, in their presentation note via blog they have made it known that this year they are planning to launch a fuller version of the service, called Goobox Pro, as well as the API, aimed at facilitating and improving the processes of their service.

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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