Ripple Faces Bearish Tides; Investors Rally Behind InQubeta’s Promising Presale

Investors continue to flock to the InQubeta (QUBE) presale, buying up over $2.2 million in tokens during its initial stages while Ripple’s momentum from its recent victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dwindles. 

InQubeta aims to be a major player in the artificial intelligence revolution by helping to funnel capital to startups by making investment prospects more accessible. The progressive price changes at each of its presale’s ten stages deliver one of the most profitable opportunities in the cryptocurrency space right now, setting investors up to grow their investments by up to 4x.

Ripple prices enjoyed a 50% price surge after its victory against the SEC, but most of those gains have been lost since as rumors spread that the SEC might appeal the decision, reopening the project’s legal problems. 

Investors rally behind InQubeta (QUBE) presale to earn profits while crypto markets remain bearish

The InQubeta presale has been one of the most promising events in the crypto space this year. The event’s price structure allows investors to grow their capital despite how bearish markets currently are. Those who get in now get to 3x their capital before the presale ends.

Some investors are using the InQubeta presale to recoup their losses from holding other altcoins, while others see the project’s potential and want to be part of its long-term growth. 

Artificial intelligence is poised to be the next major technological revolution and the QUBE ecosystem helps to guide capital to startups that advance the technology. Tech breakthroughs always create investing opportunities that could earn investors exponential returns on their investments. InQubeta now opens up these investment opportunities in the AI sector, directing capital to companies that will push the technology further and providing an alternative to often-inaccessible traditional investing channels. 

A blockchain-based investment opportunity

Companies looking to raise capital on the InQubeta network first have to pass an assessment process performed by the operations team. Once approved, these firms can develop and sell equity-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the InQubeta marketplace. 

The NFTs sold on the QUBE marketplace are the blockchain alternative to stocks and denote part ownership in their makers. The value of these tokens will increase as the valuations of the firms behind them rise. 

Some of the NFTs listed on the InQubeta marketplace come with other rewards like a slice of profits or early access to items developed. Investors are free to sell their NFTs anytime they choose or hold on to them long-term. 

The thoroughly thought-out token economics of the InQubeta project gives it excellent growth potential as a 1.5 billion token cap and burn taxes reduce the total token supply. QUBE investors can earn more tokens by staking to help manage the ecosystem. 

Ripple (XRP) investors turn bullish

Ripple runs an open-source decentralized network that provides extremely low fees on transactions and almost instant processing. It’s one of the best altcoins for mainstream adoption since its processing times are comparable to those of many payment processing systems. 

The XRP ledger was developed to address the limitations of the Bitcoin network and the project has been successful at doing so. 

XRP prices skyrocketed moments after a U.S. judge ruled it didn’t qualify as a security, but the bull run didn’t last for long as rumors about an SEC appeal started circulating in crypto spaces. XRP prices have a lot of growth potential given the fact its blockchain is arguably the most efficient pure cryptocurrency network, but it’s unlikely to keep up with InQubeta’s projected 100x growth. 


The InQubeta presale has taken over the crypto space as investors jump at the chance to earn some profits while markets remain bearish. The real fun is projected to start once the event is over and tokens are officially launched on exchanges as prices are expected to rise exponentially. 

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  1. You might want to clarify that the SEC has to request permission to appeal from the same judge who ruled against them. The statement of, “Reopening legal problems,” is inaccurate at best.

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