Ripple Analyst Shares Three Targets That Could Push XRP to $7

XRP is making calculated moves, navigating through key Fibonacci extension levels to reach ambitious price targets. Analyst EGRAG Crypto sheds light on the strategic and tactical maneuvers that could push XRP into new price territories, ranging from $7 to an optimistic $30.

Understanding XRP’s Strategic Targets

Three crucial Fibonacci extension levels—1.236, 1.414, and 1.618—direct the journey to significant price milestones for XRP.  

  • 1.236 Level: This extension is closely watched as it represents a potential reversal or continuation point in price trends, drawing its significance from the square root of the golden ratio, 1.618.
  • 1.414 Level: Derived from the square root of 2, this Fibonacci extension is instrumental in identifying potential price targets or reversal points, marking critical junctures in XRP’s price trajectory.
  • 1.618 Level: Known as the golden ratio, this level is a cornerstone in Fibonacci analysis, often signaling significant price targets or turning points in the market.

Tactical Moves in Focus

XRP’s current chart formation, characterized by a ‘W’ formation, plays a crucial role in its path toward these strategic targets. The measured move, an essential concept in technical analysis indicating the potential price movement following a pattern completion, varies across different scales:

  • Logarithmic Scale: Projects a move to $1.
  • Non-Logarithmic Scale: Suggests a potential rise to $1.2.
  • Extended Target: Points towards a $1.3 objective.

The critical factor now is for XRP to sustain weekly closes above the $1.3 mark, a move that could potentially solidify this level as a new support, eliminating the likelihood of falling back below $1.

EGRAG Crypto’s analysis proposes an array of ambitious price targets for XRP, ranging from $5 to $27, contingent upon maintaining $1.3 as the bear market’s bottom. This optimistic outlook hinges on XRP’s ability to navigate through the aforementioned Fibonacci levels and maintain crucial support zones.

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Recent Price Dynamics and Technical Indicators

XRP’s recent breakout from a descending channel, ascending from $0.5700 to its current stance at $0.6541, underscores the underlying bullish momentum.

This breakout, coupled with a 200-day moving average (MA) of $0.56243, reinforces the notion of a strong support base. The 200-day MA, a widely regarded indicator of long-term market trends, currently positions below XRP’s price, suggesting an overarching bullish trend.

The token’s performance over various timeframes further accentuates its bullish narrative, with gains of 4.2% in 24 hours, 22.9% over the past week, and an impressive 73.5% annual increase.

So in summary – after miserable year-plus declines wiped out short-term traders, signs point to XRP coiling to unleash its next growth phase.

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