Polkadot (DOT) Is Now ‘Basically Open Air’ With No Near Term Resistance as ‘Epic Pump’ Begins, Top Analysts Set Their Targets

With Polkadot’s DOT token presently trading around $9, several prominent analysts have noted that price could surge significantly in the near term as it faces little overhead resistance.

CryptoBullet’s Outlook

Crypto analyst CryptoBullet stated that with DOT at $9, “It’s basically open air till $16.” This implies a 77% rally from current levels if Polkadot can reach his $16 target.

Ash Crypto’s Epic Pump Call

Meanwhile, Ash Crypto sees even more upside ahead, tweeting “$DOT EPIC PUMP HAVE STARTED SEND THIS TO $12 NEXT DOT 2.0 WILL BE A GAME CHANGER.” Ash believes improvements coming in Polkadot 2.0 could spark a 33% pump to $12.

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AlphaInvestor’s Indicators Agree

Finally, AlphaInvestor’s proprietary VRVP indicator points to additional strength as well, with DOT “climbing out of the mud” that has kept it rangebound between $4 to $10. The analyst notes DOT faces little resistance until the $17.50 level, 89% above the current price.

So with Polkadot trading at multi-month lows, these experts highlight the potential for massive gains if bullish momentum returns to the smart contract platform. Their return targets range from 33% to as much as 94% if DOT can eclipse $17.50 and break out.

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