Request Network (REQ) about to become yet another altcoin to bite the dust

The Request Network Foundation was aiming to provide a protocol based on the Request Network technology that aims to establish a standard for blockchain financial solutions. Payments like invoices, loans, salary, donations and regular transactions can be made with any blockchain with the help of the Request Network.

The project recently got into some hot waters regarding community interaction and lack of development progress.

People started criticizing REQ’s bi-weekly updates as they haven’t been providing any information about the technology and development. Some claimed that there wasn’t enough clarity regarding various decisions made around the project.

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REQ is one of the most toxic communities in the crypto space right now. Holders are mad at the team’s apparent incompetence and inability to deliver on the whitepaper promises.

There are a lot of snarky comments about team’s activity (or lack thereof) with most holders feeling that the only thing REQ team is doing is posting blog updates. Those updates are not very illuminating either as most of the stuff team works on is shrouded in vague terms and no fixed delivery deadlines.

One Reddit observer highlights the reasons for discontent:

“Community: Yup, but I would add that the fact this Reddit is so “toxic” isn’t just because people have lost money – everybody has, but many communities are still far more upbeat. The way the team interacts, presents themselves and the project is part of the reason for community dissatisfaction too. Things like visible progress (transparency in general – roadmap has been up in the air for how long now?), actual REQ-built releases, dialogue-based communication (at the moment, it seems there’s an AMA once a quarter and the rest of the time the team ignores), visible leadership, and basic awareness and humility (Mozzarellagate kind of exposed this) could go a long way towards repairing community sentiment. “

Some people feel that the Wikipedia fiasco the project was embroiled in broke the camel’s back and made investors completely lose faith in the currency. Others might be vary because they remember how the project was once strongly embraced by Ian Balina, the man who managed to get his crypto wallet hacked on a livestream and lose $2 million USD in the process. The community for sure isn’t very pleased with the recent events surrounding the project and we will see if upcoming strong technical development can provide enough “oomph” to lift REQ out of the gutter.

Failing to deliver a significant update to their protocol will probably mean REQ is done and can go join other failed projects like XVG, ETN and many more polluters that sprang out in the glory days of 2017.

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