Peculiar hardware wallet that supports only Waltonchain (WTC) released

Supply chain management cryptocurrency project Waltonchain has announced today that they will be launching the world’s first hardware wallet compatible with WTC tokens, called Bamboo Wallet.

A brief blog post was published on Waltonchain’s official Medium account informing the community of the launch of this new product. The post contains a “Bamboo Wallet buyer’s guide” which explains customs, price, shipping fee and payment procedures required to purchase this product.

First thing to note is that Bamboo Wallet (more precisely its “collection edition”) is currently priced at 25% lower than what will be its future full price of $90. Waltonchain claims this was done to “give back to Waltonchain’s global supporters for their continuous support”; the project will offer 200 pieces of Bamboo Wallet at these terms.

Second interesting thing is that the payment procedure requires you to make an advance payment directly to the official PayPal account. Interestingly enough, Waltonchain doesn’t accept payments in WTC for their product. Buyer is then required to provide his/hers payment account name, quantity, shipping address, receiver’s name, contact information and “other necessary information”, which will then be handled by the company’s Product Department.

While the post doesn’t give any insights into the actual specs of the wallet, more information about it can be found online. Website published a full overview of the Bamboo Wallet’s hardware and tech specs. Said website is currently down, indicating that it’s either suffering from high traffic loads or was shut down by its creator (if the domain name is anything to go by, the website might have been directly connected to Waltonchain).

Bamboo Wallet apparently has the following hardware specs:

  • Product Size: 47.32.10 (cm)
  • Equipment Model: szsi 068
  • Equipment Color: Gold
  • Equipment Material: Aluminum
  • Screen Size: 0.96 inches
  • Screen Type: OLED
  • Input Interface: MicroUSB
  • Support System: Windows 7 and the above (macOS to come in the future)

A few images were provided by Waltonchain to describe the wallet’s physical appearance. At present, the wallet will support one BTC address, one ETH address, and six WTC addresses. It is expected that an additional ETC address/ERC-20 address will be added in the future.

Not much else is known about the product. Waltonchain does offer an extensive return/repair policy it seems, perhaps implying that Bamboo wallet owners might expect some serious issues with the quality of their products. Overall, more will definitely be known in March this year, once the first units of this hardware wallet get shipped to Waltonchain’s customers.

The fact that the wallet supports only WTC is eyebrow raising as it doesn’t make too much sense economically since the demand for it will be extremely limited.

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Dobrica Blagojevic
  1. The title states it only supports WTC yet in your own cut and paste article you state it will support BTC, ETH, AND WTC.

    You somehow correlate an “extensive return and repair policy” with the statement “Bamboo wallet owners might expect some serious issues with the quality of their products”.

    Since when is offering a policy to ensure a customers satisfaction is covered in the event of manufacturing error seen as a red flag?

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