Particl (PART) suffers from a massive disconnect between coin’s current market cap ranking and its developer activity

Particl has seen some ups and downs throughout the last couple of months. Its price for the period peaked on July 23rd, when one Particl went for $6.01/0.00078748 BTC. After this peak, the price action suffered as the coin’s value started going down. The bottom of the downtrend was reached on August 23rd, when the currency was purchasable for $2.83/0.00044933 BTC.

Trader farhadjafarov7 had this to say about the coin’s technicals:

“Most people who know me as a trader no that I love reversals in the market doesn’t matter if it is an upward reversal or a downward reversal and Particl coin on Bittrex is a coin that I can see has a satisfactory volume and has been building up a strong reversal pattern throughout the whole year and if any of us are looking to buy and HODL a coin for long term gains/the next big bull run then PARTICL on Bittrex might be a good coin to allocate a small percent of your portfolio.
As you can see we are in a descending channel however it looks like it is the end of the reversal and once we get out of this channel, our first target is 0.00097604 BTC after which I see a retrace coming and we will be looking for a re-entry.”

Check out the complete analysis here for further information about his trading plans.

Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy-focused blockchain/P2P hybrid ecosystem that hosts an array of Dapps using a native cryptocurrency. It allows decentralized applications (Dapps) of all sorts to be hard-coded within its secure, scalable environment and be integrated directly into Particl Desktop. Built on top of Bitcoin’s codebase (to which it constantly updates with each new release), Particl’s vision is to create a new decentralized, private and trustless economy supported by its platform and native currency PART.

The currency is private by design, meaning that no transactions can be tracked to the original user. It is also community governed through three different proposal mechanisms: Improvement Proposals (PIPs), Opportunity Proposals (POPs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Particl is currency-agnostic, meaning that owners of any cryptocurrency in the world can benefit from its privacy, security and decentralized applications. The currency is also protocol-agnostic, scalable, gives you passive income due to its own Proof-of-Stake algorithm, has privacy smart contracts, offers increased fund mobility and is academically reviewed. The list of features on offer with this currency is a sight to behold and you can get the full overview here if you are interested.

As a dApp hosting platform, Particl will of course have its own dApps. First official Dapp on Particl is the decentralized and private by default marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade goods and services in a peer-to-peer fashion without meddling from any middleman. This will only be the first Particl Dapp, as the greater vision of the Particl project is to develop a completely decentralized, private and democratic economy.

PART is the official coin of the platform. It is a privacy coin with bleeding-edge technology like Segwit, CT, RingCT, voting, Bitcoin codebase 0.16 etc. It can be used on the Particl marketplace to trade for products you are interested in. It can also be held in a wallet for staking purposes, with Particl implementing the more advanced cold staking technology (which doesn’t require the staking wallet to be constantly online). The main project’s wallet is the Particl Desktop, a feature rich client which lets you access all available and in-development features of the platform. Particl Core Qt, Particl-cli and Particle Copay are three other platform wallets that have their own features.

The Particl Foundation (Particl Stiftung) is a non-profit Swiss foundation registered in Zug on July 2017 with the help of Swiss law firm MME enabling the organization and deployment of funding and logistics to ensure the safe development of the Particl project and vision. Particl Stiftung’s foundation status provides legal protection and resources to the Particl project ensuring its sustainability and compliance to current and new regulations.

Particl is truly a project that isn’t easy to grasp in a single article. Besides what I already mentioned they offer a variety of other features, including dApps, ability to integrate 3rd party applications, encrypted messaging, SDK toolset, MAD escrow service, Lightning Network integration and many more. Its privacy technology can find application in many potential use cases, including illegal goods trade, taxation resistance, sensitive document swaps, circumvention of unfair bans on legitimate businesses etc. If you truly want to check out all the ins and outs of Particl, check out this extensive article made by the lead community manager of the project.

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Even with all that, the project hasn’t stopped in the year of 2018. They’ve kept churning out new solid updates and the latest one was the reported cooperation with Ledger for Particl to become the very first PoS project that includes offline, cold staking into your Ledger device.

The cooperation was mentioned in the project’s latest community update which responded to several important questions, including ones about cold voting with Ledger, Particl being added to Coinbase, private listings and their governance, lack of marketplace exposure on Google and many more. What community members probably cared about the most was the upcoming testnet of the Marketplace and project governance models. Once these (and other promised) features go live, the market will know more about Particl’s ability to become the dominant privacy currency of the future.

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