Newsflash: Delisting spree on exchanges goes on with Binance delisting four coins, most notably BCN

As Bitcoin took a seat today and let several smaller cryptocurrencies run wild, the news cycle didn’t really offer many interesting headlines. Binance opened the day with a bombshell announcement and the rest of the updates we saw throughout somewhat paled in comparison. We’ll give you a short overview of the biggest news for today:

  • Binance delists 4 tokens from its platform

After reiterating their policy to perform regular listed asset re-evaluation in order to “maintain a high standard of quality” on their platform, Binance has decided that 4 cryptocurrencies simply aren’t up to par to stay on the exchange anymore. Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Iconomi and Triggers owners woke up today to the news that Binance is delisting their bags. The exchange listed several factors which have been assessed and which have seemingly had a strong influence on their final decision:

  • Commitment of team to project
  • Quality and level of development activity
  • Network / smart contract stability
  • Level of public communication and activity
  • Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence
  • Evidence of unethical / fraudulent conduct
  • Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

The exchange will delist and stop trading on all pairs for these cryptocurrencies on October 12th 2018. Holders of these tokens are given until November 12th to withdraw them from the Binance platform; otherwise they will be lost forever. Check out our latest Bytecoin article for a deeper insight into how the overall community reacted to these news.

  • Opera Browser looks for crypto opportunities through Ledger Capital

Opera Browser has been known as the choice of the user who didn’t much enjoy the Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox market dichotomy. Its developers decided to give it even more unique, let’s call it “non-mainstream” appeal by introducing cryptocurrency elements into it back in July. Back then Opera became the first browser to have an integrated a crypto wallet and web 3.0 support onto its platform; today they’ve announced their intention to further their foray into the cryptocurrency world by signing a partnership with Ledger Capital. This new partnership is expected to provide Opera with strategic, technological and financial advisory services regarding their future blockchain-based products.

  • A blockchain start-up wins 530 ETH in a court case… against a dead guy

This was definitely one of the strangest crypto related events in recent history. A blockchain start-up Copytrack mistakenly sent 530 ETH (at the time worth approx. $391,000) instead of 530 CPY to an investor who took part in their ICO. The investor whose name was Brian Wall initially refused to return the tokens; later on changed his tune but started claiming that his wallet got hacked and someone stole the ETH from it. Copytrack took him to court to seek damages but Mr. Wall died before the trial ended, just to make matters a bit more complicated and interesting. Today the court where the case was filed ruled that the tokens were Copytrack’s rightful ownership and they need to be returned. It now remains to be seen if the funds will be taken from late Mr. Walls estate or will additional efforts be made to find the “hacker.”

  • Mastercard wins another crypto patent

News broke today that the famous credit card provider Mastercard won a patent for creating a system which would allow for partitioned blockchains that will support multiple cryptocurrencies. Such a partitioned blockchain would be able to store data about multiple kinds of transactions, something that the currently existing infrastructure isn’t capable of doing. The company has been known as somewhat of a trailblazer in the blockchain innovation space, having filed for multiple patents related to this technology before.

  • Ambrosus makes new partnerships

The supply chain management blockchain start-up Ambrosus recently expanded their zone of influence by partnering up with NDS, a subsidiary of Korean food Producer Nongshim. The partnership will have the ultimate goal of tracking premium quality beef sold by food retailer Mega Mart.

Cooperating with NDS for this Proof-of-Concept is mutually beneficial to both companies, as the PoC will provide consumers with much-needed information about the quality and origin of their beef products. Ambrosus is looking forward to building an end-to-end solution for Mega Mart’s beef supply chain, and to demonstrate the flexibility and efficiency of Ambrosus’ blockchain and IoT platform. Ambrosus is proud to pioneer this beef traceability solution in cooperation with the NDS,” said Angel Versetti, one of Ambrosus’ co-founders.

  • Spankchain suffers a hack

One of many adult-industry tokens which have popped up lately, suffered a breach in their smart contract which resulted in almost $40,000/165.38 ETH being lost to an unidentified hacker. They published a blog post today explaining the hack, blaming a bug in their network’s payment channel smart contract. Around $9,300 of the stolen funds belonged to investors and Spankchain promised to fully re-fund their losses.

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