New website to use Brave and BAT for monetization is Imgur?

The guessing which site could be the next publisher to use BAT monetization model is picking up after BAT and Brave CEO, Brandon Eich spoke on the whatbitcoindid podcast (53m:50s) and said this:

I’m gonna tell a story about a site and you can guess which it is, has 80 million adblocking users a month…many more non adblocking, they are ready to try something with us, they are ready to convert those users to Brave users.

If we consider that Adblocker adoption rate is around 30%, we are talking about a site with 200-300m visitors. There is no other hint which site could it be aside of the number of users which has proven to be enough for BAT and crypto fans in general to start crunching the numbers in an effort to guess what is the site in question. One thing is for sure, it is one of the world’s biggest websites.

One Redditor put his investigation pants on and started digging and found a very suitable candidate:

If you follow verification file on imgur , you can see there is a token specified for imgur

Also an article about partnership that explains why this is highly likely Imgur:

We should expect huge inflow of users quite soon, hold your bags, we are going up.

Imgur, v1, ad rewards and coinbase exposure. Good times ahead!

Sell-off is done, time to trend up again

BAT was the token of the week when it comes to attention grabbing (pun intended). After a strong rally in anticipation of Coinbase listing, BAT did what every experienced trader expected it do to – it dumped hard. Today is BAT 17% less worth than yesterday and the bottom is yet to be found.

The smart money entered in BAT on time, sold near the peak and probably already filled their bags with one of the new potential Coinbase listings: XLM, ADA or ZEC. The FOMOers were, as always, late to the party and are stuck again with a bag of tokens. The good news is that BAT actually has solid fundamentals and it is bound to go up again but it hurts when you tie your own hands and have to wait it out to break even and start trading again. We all went through it – make sure it is a learning lesson.

Read our comparison of Brave vs Firefox.

Anyone interested in BAT needs to read the Brave roadmap. Ad integration into Brave-core will be ready by release .57x. If you look at their milestone schedule that’s Dec. 4th, the next version .58x is Dec. 20th. The eco-system will be taking off in months, Brave is a game changer.

BAT is the prime candidate to see a real pump, like in the good old days, once the bulls are back in the market and we experience a new wave of investors that will come to Coinbase and see a nice, cheap token they can buy and hope for the moon.

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Philipp Traugott

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