Neblio (NEBL) hype is long gone, but the team is still working hard on their mission

Neblio had some ups and downs in the last couple of days. Peak of $5.26/0.00085007 BTC from July 21st was quickly leveled out at just $3.87/0.00061880 BTC. The currency has since experience some weird peaks while going sideways, before suddenly dropping off a cliff on the August 2nd. This drop coincided with a massive volume dump from almost $3 million to just below $199,567.

Neblio is a blockchain based platform that lets people build decentralized applications on top of it. This immediately tells you its developers are gunning for the coveted “Ethereum killer” moniker, looking to simplify blockchain technology application and make it widely accessible to anyone who wants to use it. Neblio is a developer friendly platform that removes the complexities from programming and deploying dApps by creating simple and intuitive tools, services and API’s that are ready to be implemented at any moment.

Its main “argument” in the crypto skirmish are the RESTful API’s, which allow people to develop tokens, applications and all other smart-contract based products with a simple two-click process in one of several Neblio-supported programming languages. Through these APIs, Neblio bridges the gap between blockchain and non-blockchain developers and makes it more about the code and less about the blockchain, making it truly accessible to all.

The network is secured and maintained via a proof of stake protocol which enables NEBL owners to earn new tokens by staking their existing bags. If you stake 24/7, you should be receiving around 10% returns annually. The project also offers a feature rich desktop wallet which lets you securely send, store and stake your NEBL and your NTP1 (Neblio Token Protocol 1, basically Neblio’s ERC-20 standard) tokens. Neblio has/plans on implementing several other wallets:

  • Orion Web Wallet
  • Raspberry Pi Wallet(able to stake)
  • Mac Wallet(able to stake)
  • Windows Wallet(able to stake)
  • Electrum Wallet
  • Android Wallet
  • Docker
  • iOS
  • Ledger

The nodes on the Neblio blockchain network will make sure that every record is accurately stored in the ledger and is unchangeable in real time. The network will stay up thanks to these nodes and all the data will be safe even if some nodes suffer downtime or are destroyed.

Just recently the project kicked off their marketing campaign. This very well written and produced promo video is the key part of Neblio’s attempt to access retail investors and a generally wider audience. With 421,927 views, 29k likes and 17 dislikes, the audience seems extremely impressed. Neblio University is a part of the overall effort to raise awareness and teach developers how to use Neblio. It works mostly by having community members post tutorials, videos and documentation that anyone can use to learn more about the platform. Recently completed webinar, partnerships with Kind Ads, projectmanager, and strong Slack/Telegram/Discord communities will also play very important roles in Neblio’s future promotion and adoption.

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Right now, Neblio’s main goal is identifying their target market niches and deciding if those niches can benefit from the application of blockchain technology.  Healthcare records management, supply chain contract negotiation and validation and online identity management applications are just some of the areas Neblio team are considering. They are also getting closer to launching Neblio API Suite v2 which will deliver even more advanced blockchain protocol simplification and business adoption. Q4 of 2018 will be dedicated to the rollout of this software and the cooperation with businesses to ensure full customer satisfaction and functionality of the product.

2019 is the year when Neblio plans on making its big moves and delivering their enterprise technology beyond niche markets. It is expected that the product’s success speaks for itself and motivate a wide array of businesses to implement Neblio API’s, thus finally bringing blockchain technology to the mainstream. Neblio’s goal is to create the groundwork for the future Internet of Things; judging by their past accomplishments, dedication of their team and their strong community, it just might have enough going for it to achieve said goal.

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