More promises coming from the Icon (ICX) camp – can they keep them this time?

After announcing the roadmap for the upcoming ICONCENSUS voting, ICON spared no time to explain that certain measures will be taken to accelerate the expansion of their public blockchain ecosystem.

Recently opened P-Rep pre-registration for ICON P-Rep candidacy will be just the step one of this expansion process, as ICON team wants to do much more. According to the project’s Medium announcement, ICON will look to deliver an upgraded blockchain alliance program, as well as a global accelerator program. Also, the project has plans to release both a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a decentralized identification (DID) system based on the ICON public network.

Project’s first goal will be to look for additional dApp/LAP100 partnerships through its blockchain alliance program. The project currently has a wide range of partnerships, claiming that they’ve established deals with B2C and B2B companies from industries focusing on finance, sharing economy, ad/data, identification, IoT, electric cars, healthcare and other markets. ICON LAP100 (ICON Loopchain Alliance Program) and project’s global accelerator program ICX Station (currently operating in major cities such as San Francisco, Singapore, and Seoul) will play a crucial role in managing the existing partnerships, as well as any future ones.

ICON LAP100 is one of the latest additions to the project’s ecosystem. It represents an enterprise alliance program based on the ICON public blockchain. The program was established on December 27th of 2018 in the presence of ICON partners such as Raonsecure, Digitalzone, DataAlliance, Matrix2B, OWDIN Network, Charzin, TheVita, Liwonace, Cryptofuture, and TeamK. Alongside ICX Station, LAP100 will look to create a suitable environment for development of enterprise-specialized blockchain solutions.

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Another interesting upcoming element of the ecosystem is the alleged decentralized exchange based on ICON mainnet. With ICONex wallet and ICON Tracker block explorer software, this upcoming DEX will help ICX and IRC2 (similar to the ERC-20 standard) holders exchange their tokens in a safe, transparent way. Additionally, ICON’s DEX is expected to increase the liquidity and usability of IRC2 tokens in the ICON Network.

Final addition to the puzzle will be the decentralized identification system (DID), which will allow individuals to store and manage their personal information on the ICON blockchain. The system will apparently store data in a way that secures it from being stolen, falsified or duplicated, bringing is owner maximum protection. It should also help the end user identify himself and connect to ICON dApps more easily, without having to create separate ID’s for each dApp.

DEX and DID features are expected to come in the first half of 2019, according to the ICON team. That being said, the project hasn’t exactly been known for keeping to their deadlines in the past. Will their newly set goals be fulfilled according to the set roadmap? We’ll know by June this year.

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