Key Trends To Watch For Cardano and Polygon MATIC, KangaMoon Has $7m In Its Crosshairs

In the next fortnight, the crypto market is expected to transform from the current bearish correction to bullish trends, giving investors hope of recouping their losses. However, before these events, Cardano and Polygon holders need to watch out for key trends that may eventually determine which direction the top crypto coins will follow. Meanwhile, KangaMoon (KANG) is moving faster than expected with on path of raising $7 million in presale being targeted in the coming weeks.

KangaMoon Token Set To Hit $7 Million in Funding in May

As investors watch out for key events that may trigger a rally for Cardano and Polygon, KangaMoon is setting new heights, hoping to reach $7 million in presale funding this month. Considering the trajectory of KangaMoon, the platform has every chance to attain the target, potentially rising to $10 million in funding by the end of the presale next month.

Aside from its novel solutions of merging elements of play-to-earn gaming and the SocialFi model into one, KangaMoon is also boosted by its reward system which has resonated well with the active community. As one of the top crypto coins, KangaMoon rewards users from the pool of 250 million allocated tokens which can be traded in the marketplace. 

Significantly, KangaMoon’s jumping ROI portrays it as a good crypto to buy. In the last 3 months, the ROI has jumped by 400%, eclipsing the combined return of Pepe and Dogecoin in the same timeframe. Furthermore, investors have the option of staking their assets to earn more tokens, projecting it as a good crypto to buy for profit. At the bonus stage of its presale, KangaMoon is valued at $0.025.

With close to 30,000 members and nearly 10,000 KANG holders, KangaMoon is the best cryptocurrency to buy today for a huge profit. KangaMoon announced its BitMart listing soon which adds a colorful momentum to its trajectory. Going by this promising potential, analysts rate KangaMoon highly and believe it can be one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy today which can see a rise to $1.

Cardano Tighten Up as Bull Run Looms

With Cardano tightening its grip on the $0.45 mark, the token may be on its way to the top. Amidst these circumstances, Cardano holders are sounding out key trends that may likely show the direction the token is taking. With the Cardano market cap edging closer to $16 billion, the Cardano trading volume may also follow suit soon.

Another key trend to look out for is the exponential moving average (EMA) and the relative strength index (RSI) which have both remained positive in the past few weeks. As the Cardano token eyes the $0.5 resistance level, these key indicators could propel the price to enviable heights.

Investors Watch Out for Polygon Token Trends

As the market begins to shift momentum, Polygon holders are watching out for trends that could speed up their bullish anticipation. Some of the trends that have been noticed are the Polygon market cap and the Polygon trading volume which has gone up considerably in the last week.

Another key trend to look out for is the ongoing developments within the Polygon ecosystem. With the new Agglayer solution getting more adoption, Polygon may climb to $1 in this quarter


With the altcoin season edging closer, investors are already accumulating cryptos with bullish potential. By looking at the Cardano and Polygon key trends, investors can discover whether they are good cryptos to buy. However, KangaMoon looks promising, considering its low market cap. For investors looking for huge gains, KANG is a must-have crypto in your portfolio.

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Felix Küster

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