Kaspa Is the True Realization of Bitcoin’s Vision, Analyst Explains Why KAS Is Fit For Everyday Transactions

According to crypto analyst Braver, layer 1 blockchain project Kaspa (KAS) represents the full realization of Bitcoin’s original vision as a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency controlled by no single entity.

While Bitcoin succeeds as a “store of value,” everyday transactions on the network are becoming prohibitive, opening the door for alternatives focused on payments. Braver argues KAS fills this role—truly decentralized and able to “stand the test of time” with affordability.

Key innovations making this possible:

  • DAG-based Consensus: Allows scaling without sacrificing security
  • Stateless Clients: Extremely Low Storage and Bandwidth Requirements
  • Adaptive Parameters:– Can evolve organically alongside technological progress

Given the technical robustness and real-world use case, Braver sets ambitious $5 to $10 price targets for KAS in the next bull cycle. However, he notes that even $3 would equate to a $78 billion market cap and 2.6x from current prices.

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CEO of Because Bitcoin also highlights bullish technical analysis around KAS that mirrors previous breakout patterns from accumulation phases. Additionally, as trader Moberg points out, periods of ranging often precede major upside moves – predicting this as early as this month.

With strong fundamentals and positive momentum brewing onchain and in the chart technicals, Kaspa presents a compelling decentralized currency investment as it gears up to challenge new highs on the back of its impressive layer 1 infrastructure.

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