Justin Sun: Tron (TRX) transaction fees to reach zero

Tron’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun, recently announced on Twitter that the fee for the transaction on the decentralized TRX Market exchange fell to 0.1% on December 14. In addition, the good news was reinforced when the company stated that the TRX ecosystem could reach a zero transaction fee by next Friday.

However, this is not the only progress that the TRX ecosystem is currently making. The Tron Foundation’s last weekly report stated that Tron’s TRC20 Exchange had finally been launched. In addition, the report stated that Tronscan could be used to observe that 9 TRC20 tokens have now been listed on Tronscan, with most projects being dApp tokens.

Have a look at the current Tron price or Tron price prediction for 2019 & 2020.

Currently there are two decentralized exchanges on the Tron platform, which are already live and created by the Tron community. One is TRX Market, the other is Exchange GOC. TRX Market was launched on December 12th and supports multiple tokens: GOC, BET and FUN. GOC is Tron’s first TRC20 and TRC10 exchange, where TRC10 means that the exchange is based on Bancor.

In addition, the Tron network reached another milestone on December 13 with 2.53 million transactions in one day and 32,293 new addresses added over the same period, as Justin Sun explained:

When we examine Tronscan, we can see that the number of daily transactions currently exceeds 2.6 million.

What’s next for Tron?

The end of 2018 is approaching and an end to the current bear market is not in sight. However, the outlook for the Tron network is somewhat more positive. Apart from price, the Tron project will continue to grow, as it has continuously expanded its reach in the developer and investor community worldwide in recent months.

Through the creation of DApps on the platform and regular Meetups the development is constantly advanced, with Tron competing strongly with the Ethereum blockchain in dApp development. But Tron does not seem to shy away from this competition. In the past Justin Sun has often instructed developers to migrate their dApp projects from Ethereum to Tron Blockchain.

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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