The story of John Mcafee and his bitcoin bet (still on, btw)

John Mcafee. Chuck Norris of crypto world, is an embodiment of an “out of the box” thinking. After entertaining the crypto community with his ever interesting predictions and shilling of complete shitcoins, John made sure to take measures to save his reproductive organ on time while still “honoring his bet”. And he used the technique tech America likes most, outsourcing the dirty work to third world countries.

John McAfee has predicted that Bitcoin will reach a value of $1m by 2020 and that he’ll eat his own dinkle if he’s wrong.

McAfee had previously pledged to nom-a-knob if it reached half a mill, but the crazy december 2017 acceleration in the value of the cryptocurrency has made him up his game.

Back in December though, Mcafee sidestepped his promise by adding additional snag to the story:

After being teased by his followers for backtracking on his promise, he added:

“The law in every State is similar: “Debts owed, whether in tangible assets or in service, may legally be fulfilled by agents acting on behalf of the principal”.

However, one of his fans told him he still believes in his prediction, to which Mcafee replied that he agrees, while replying to other tweet:

“I will win. And if you don’t believe the math, then believe this: Some intuitive spark still surviving the wind gusts of my 73 years of adventures and mysteries – too long to tell – says that this is will be so.”

However, beginning 2019, McAfee is back with his original bet: bitcoin will be $1million per token some time in 2020. 

So he still believes his prediction is correct but wants to make sure his dinkle is safe? Can you blame him?

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