If you can ignore the price, Elastos (ELA) is where you want to be

Getting integrated on reputable hardware wallets is not only an important security milestone, it is also a credibility boost for the project as only small portion of largest crypto coins are supported on these wallets. Elastos is about to get its own integration on the most popular hardware wallet, Ledger Nano S. 

Work on ledger nano app has begun from Elastos

Elastos’ lack of major exchange exposure is probably the biggest issue they are facing right now, with the low trading volumes clearly indicating why. This also directly leads to a lack of awareness/interest about the project in the western markets which adds further dimension to the importance of the Ledger Nano S integration.

Elastos is not a blockchain project but rather a network operating system project powered by blockchain technology so in that sense, Elastos is not directly competing with any other blockchain projects. It can work together with them to form this new ecosystem where the decentralized applications run directly on the device instead of running on the blockchain along with decentralized peer to peer network to transfer assets in a completey closed sandboxed environment, thereby solving the three pillar issues that are prevelant in the internet of today – security, scalibility and decentralization.

Elastos Trinity app

One of the Elastos holders wrote about his “epiphany” upon downloading and using Elastos Trinity app:

“It’s super beta right now, but after downloading it and playing around, I think I finally see what Elastos is doing here. Instead of a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access websites, the Elastos Trinity Application opens the door to a portal of dApps. These dApps do not have access to the “Internet” of today, but instead the p2p intranet created by Elastos that does not use central servers. Think about it for a second, why do we even have websites? Isn’t there an app for everything these days? And don’t most people prefer to use the app anyway when there is an app for something? Just think about the constraints of building a website vs. the freedom to build an app however you like. It’s really interesting stuff – download the APK and maybe you too will have the same epiphany I just did!”

Trinity is an Elastos browser project based on chromium engine that is integrated with the Elastos framework. It is an entrance from the old internet into the elastos internet. We can also think of Trinity as an Elastos Virtual Machine that supports the lifecycle of decentralized applications(DApps) for development, packaging, installation and execution. Elastos is the official name of this app. Desktop is the internal name. Trinity is the name of the project.

Elastos extensive products list

Elastos Foundation recently decided to update its community with the current state of their product list.

The list of live products includes projects like Elastos SPV Wallet, Elastos Blockchain Merged Mining, Elastos DID Sidechain Service, Elastos TV Box, and Elastos Dittobox.

As of now, there are several projects currently in beta testing and those are Elastos Blockchain PoW + DPoS, Elastos Token Sidechain Service, Elastos Smart Contract Sidechain Service, Elastos Hive, and Elastos Elapay.

Check out the full product list with descriptions of each of the mentioned products here.

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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