Elastos back on track after the “unlocking funds” drama – 220k ELA carriers distributed in October. Censorship-free Internet is making a comeback

As part of Elastos Smart Web, Elastos Carrier is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that takes over all network traffic between virtual machines and conveys information on applications’ behalf.

Simple explanation of Elastos Carrier

Simply put, Elastos carrier is modifying current routing protocols to make them decentralized. Elastos Carrier routes traffic in a different way. As of now, when internet traffic is routed, it all needs to be passed through a central server at some point. For instance when you go to a website, traffic first goes to a big server/database that translates the URL into an IP address.

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If the company owning this server decides to blacklist a URL, people can’t use it. This also makes internet traffic routing predictable, and also it means that if you shut down the server, or if the censor cuts off traffic to certain IP/DNS addresses, you can effectively censor certain website or apps. With Elastos, internet traffic is relayed peer to peer. Elastos just announced they have distributed 450k factory installed units overall, more than 220k in October only.

This means traffic does not need to go to a central server first, so there is no way to censor or shut down. If there is not a direct route between peers, then traffic will hop between others peers on the network(relays), until it gets to the end users. ISP peering in on private user data is solved by encrypting all network traffic. This also means relays cannot look in on the data. Only the person with the correct public key private key pair can see.

This is truly great news for Elastos after the drama and reputation damaging news caused by the early unlocking of team funds. Even though their reasoning was somewhat plausible, it sent quite a few ripples through the community.

In order for Elastos coin not to be seen as a security, they had to get rid of their 4% guaranteed returns that are given for locked up ELA. So once the 4% payout policy is canceled, the asset won’t be seen as a security and can potentially be listed on Western exchanges, which is the short-term goal of the Elastos team.

Positive news like this one are soothing balm for the wounds inflicted on the ELA community by that now almost forgotten decision.

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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