ICON – updated roadmap, 5 new dApps and blockchain incubator

ICON is one of the many platforms that are gunning for Ethereum to be the king of dApps. And since people are lazy and unoriginal by default – they slapped a nickname to ICON – Ethereum of South Korea. Basically, combination of your most famous’ competitors name and your base country – not too innovative.

Luckily, ICX team is more innovative then cryptocurrency nickname council and market seems to be recognizing their effort and dedication.

ICX has an ambitious goal – they want to be the blockchain of blockchains. And they have just launched their mainnet, blockchain that is called loopchain. Loop  technology is all about interoperability between multiple blockchains, by allowing them to seamlessly connect with each other.  This property of ICON has been most interesting to corporations in South Korea that are planning to test it out.

The ultimate goal is redefine current economic system, to build one of the largest decentralized networks f blockchains – and connect everybody from financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, and universities into a single network.

New dApps presented

5 new ICON Dapps presented at Deblock’s ICON event held today, along with the updated roadmap and details of their SCORE developer tool. The more detailed report is expected later today.

Rumor about Bittrex listing

One of the price drivers for ICON lately have been the rumors that a listing on Bittrex is imminent. At the moment, the most activity around ICX is happening on Binance. There is no official confirmation that ICX is getting on Bittrex, but even that is enough to bump the price.


South Korean ICO ban successfully circumvented

Partnerships already underway

ICX has struck some big partnerships which witnesses sound tech and hard work behind the scenes. It got a huge ego and price boost today as one of the biggest hedge funds in US, Pantera Capital came out with an information that they have invested 10% of their capital into ICX.

Chief Executive Officer Dan Morehead told Bloomberg Television in an interview this week that he believes that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will make a strong recovery and even reach new all-time highs within the next year.


Blockchain incubator

According to latest reports, Icon Foundation is starting a blockchain incubator, known by the name Deblock.

Deblock project is launched as a result of a collaboration between Icon Foundation and a digital marketing company called AD4th. Deblock will work similar to the way business incubators are working, – incubator will financially and logistically support members of community who plan to launch products on ICX tech.

Deblock will, of course, run on ICX network while it is expected to have over 300 projects to work on and develop during the course of 3 years where 50 of these would be completely and exclusively funded.

Deblock will serve the purpose of enabling all interested users in easily pitching their projects via Deblock blockchain incubator, while the most interesting projects would be funded, analyzed and supported.


Roadmap 2018


Features planned to be implemented in 2018 include the release of a mobile wallet, a Scoring System and ICO platform, the launch of ICON’s decentralized exchange (DEX) and the Nexus Public Channel.


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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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