How valid is the latest criticism of VeChain (VET)

VeChain moved to dismiss some of the criticism calling the project out for the overall lack of software development by releasing a double whammy of updates. In the same day, the community was officially introduced to two products: Sync and Connex.

Sync was a desktop user agent/wallet during the VeChain’s mainnet launch and has now been upgraded into a dApp running environment and wallet for desktop computers. Sync has now been made compatible with Connex, an updated standard interface connecting dApps with the VeChainThor blockchain and its users.

While so far being limited to using a combination of Chrome browser + Comet (a MetaMask for VeChainThor), Sync wallet will now provide the community with an additional way of accessing/browsing dapps on the VeChainThor blockchain from their desktop. “The New Sync”, as the project calls it, will include a dApp browser, integrated VeChain wallet, and Connex APIs. VeChain claims the tool will simplify the life of the average VeChain user:

“Users no longer need to synchronize blockchain data before using it and the transaction process is also simplified. Also, the certificate of identification and agreement functions provides an easy method for dApps to verify the user’s identity and collect user’s consent of dApp terms.”

It’s also expected to improve the user experience of the average VeChainThor developer. Projects such as insight (a serverless VeChain explorer), inspector (a tool that allows you to deploy and interact with the contract) and Energy Station (an dApp allows you to exchange VTHO and VET — testnet only) are already being developed for the New Sync. 

Connex has also seen significant strides in its development and has seen the official launch of its 1.0 version today. Connex, a web3.js-like experience, is an interface allowing for dapps and users to interact with VeChainThor blockchain. Thanks to its Connex Object feature, developers can now drop web3js and use the in-house released software to build dapps for VeChain.

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VeChain has decided to enter the year of 2019 with increased focus on tangible development and have launched official developer Discord/Gitter channels (can be found at the bottom of this page). The project even confirmed they’ll be launching a series of campaigns as well as their 1st DevCon to boost the dApp development on the VeChainThor blockchain.

While some feel that this new-found dedication to serious, transparent development will be a “game changer” required to launch VeChain into the stratosphere, others remain skeptical of a project which has had a history of burning those who believed and invested into it. It remains to be seen which side will eventually turn out to be right.

When given proper perspective, VeChain is actually doing great, team is much more active than other projects that rank above the in the crypto market cap rankings. There are and there will always be some bumps along the road, especially with nascent technology and fledgling startups but fervor, hard-work and patience by the team (and holders) might pay off big time in the future.

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