How TUK Drives the AI-Powered e-Mobility Transformation – Next 100X Crypto?

There is a new crypto coin in the market and it is rapidly becoming a rage. 

TUK, the native crypto token of eTukTuk, aims to revolutionize the transportation sector with its advanced AI- and blockchain-powered EV ecosystem. 

In a market crowded with weak projects that quickly fade into oblivion shortly after their launch, eTukTuk is a game-changer. 

eTukTuk is for developing nations, but TUK is for everyone

Climate change is a global phenomenon. Developing and developed nations contribute to it. So we can’t slow down climate change by focusing solely on developed nations. 

But most EV brands have confined their scope to developed nations. EVs are ridiculously expensive as far as a middle-class individual in a developing nation like India or Sri Lanka is concerned. Despite their lower operational and maintenance costs, EVs don’t make the cut in these countries. 

This is where eTukTuk enters. 

eTukTuks can be best described as a modern evolution of three-wheelers powered by electricity, blockchain, and AI. 

It is called the Tesla of the EV market” in media publications, as a result. 

eTukTuk’s overarching objective is to assist developing nations in limiting their carbon emissions by fostering a blockchain-based EV infrastructure. And what better vehicle to go for than tuk-tuks?

The concentration on the public EV sector was intentional, acknowledging the fact that most people in developing nations rely on public transportation systems. 

There are over 270 million registered tuk-tuks across the world.

The unique features of eTukTuks

eTukTuk is gearing up to begin its journey in Sri Lanka later this year, with plans for an expansive global expansion of its EV network soon after. 

eTukTuk has been in development for over half a decade now. It has dedicated extensive efforts to optimizing the electric three-wheeler when it comes to the context of developing nations. They should be financially and technically feasible for drivers. 

The efforts have paid off. The eTukTuk EV establishes new standards in EV production. Since it is manufactured with fewer than 200 components, local production is possible. It streamlines the manufacturing process and substantially reduces the initial investment costs. 

It has also allowed eTukTuk to achieve a remarkable reduction in operational expenditures. To put it in numbers, they are slashed by up to 78% when compared to traditional tuk-tuks. 

Let’s talk about safety now. eTukTuks incorporate patented roll cage designs, which again make their safety profile much better than traditional counterparts. eTukTuk offers a scalable solution with the potential to penetrate a substantial market share.

Another interesting integration is artificial intelligence. It further boosts the energy and cost efficiency of the vehicle, optimizing routes and minimizing battery consumption, along with forecasting the optimal times for recharging.

Powered by BNB Chain 

eTuktuk’s foundation is firmly rooted in the real-world public EV infrastructure. The charging payment system operates on BNB Chain’s Layer-2 opBNB protocol and thus maintains a strong competitive advantage in terms of energy efficiency, speed, and transaction costs. 

A peer-to-peer charging infrastructure 

eTukTuk introduces a blockchain-based peer-to-peer charging network in developing nations to expedite adoption. It is facilitated by the involvement of Territory Partners and Power Stakers. While Territory Partners operate strategically-located charging stations, Power Stakers are responsible for securing the payment network.

This is how it works:

TUK tokens facilitate the payments and rewards in the ecosystem. 

Exciting news for Colombo! 

eTukTuk’s first target location is Sri Lanka. It is set to make its debut in the bustling city of Colombo by the end of the year. That doesn’t come as a surprise since Sri Lanka boasts an impressive count of over 1.2 million registered tuk-tuks. 

Moreover, the escalating fuel costs in Sri Lanka present a formidable challenge for tuk-tuk drivers. It is increasingly difficult for drivers to secure a livable income with the rising fuel prices. 

eTukTuk allows them to transition to a more cost-efficient system and potentially boost their earnings by up to 400%. Along with introducing eTukTuk EVs, the project will establish the first charging station network in the country, ensuring a swift adoption.

In a strategic move, eTukTuk has joined hands with Capital Maharaja Group (CMG). CMG, a renowned conglomerate in Sri Lanka, holds a substantial 20% equity stake in eTukTuk within the country. 

eTukTuk has also collaborated with leading companies such as CityAM, AsiaTokenFund, and NuFi, to expand its foothold in the market.

The next 100X crypto?

It’s too early to say. 

But a detailed analysis of the project reveals market relevance and resilience. eTukTuk diverges from the typical trajectory of new cryptocurrencies with a tangible real-world mission. 

If the project unfolds as planned, TUK has the potential to enter the list of top-30 cryptocurrencies in 2024. 

A robust eTukTuk’s peer-to-peer ecosystem can eliminate a significant amount of carbon emissions in a developing nation, while uplifting drivers and other allied network participants. The dynamic multi-revenue model harmonizes sustainability with innovation.

The ongoing TUK presale opens the best opportunity for investors to gain early access to the project, potentially at the most favorable prices. 


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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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