How to get in Private ICO: 3 simple steps from Whalesburg

According to Coinschedule research, 230 ICOs were launched since the beginning with $6,5 million raised funds by now. New projects choose one of the option for raising money: public and private ICOs. Public ICO attracts investors from everywhere and doesn’t really focuses on a specific audience. If the project uses private sale model, it can provide itself with reliable partners. Why does it work this way?


Difference between public and private ICO

When a project doesn’t tend to gather a close circle of investors, it uses public ICO model. Anyone can participate in this type of token sale with no restrictions or verification procedures. The model is quite popular among frauds when money is raised for the project that actually doesn’t exist.


Private ICO narrows the audience of projects participants. At the same time, it attracts more large investors than public ICO. There are 2 main types of private ICO::


  • Completely Private And Closed ICO
  • ICO Based On Preliminary Registration


In the first case project select partners itself by inviting large investors and crypto enthusiasts to participate in the token sale. Private ICO use “paywall” – a minimum sum of investment that varies from thousands to millions of dollars.


Participation in the second type of private ICO is available only for those who have registered for the token sale in advance. Usually, it can be made by signing up to the project waiting list on the official website where users can leave their email address and wait for the confirmation. Later participants have to go through KYC procedure, or ‘know your customer’. The brightest example of successful private ICO is TON from Telegram. There were $850 million raised during the token sale.


How to get in private ICO?


Private ICOs are usually held by a project that doesn’t require additional advertising and already has a wide audience of supporters and investors. Raised funds are used for further development of an existing working product.


Whalesburg has successfully finished private token sale stage. The first round of sales was closed in only 1,5 hours and demand during the second one 6 times exceeded the supply.


It is complicated to get in completely closed private ICO if you are not among professional businessmen or reliable investors. Of course, there is still a possibility to contact the founders of the projects directly.


To get in partially closed private ICO is still not easy, but possible. 3 simple steps from Whalesburg:


  1. Sign up for the waiting list on the official website of the project
  2. Subscribe to mailing list and social media accounts
  3. Follow the news and participate in the very first round of the tokens sale


In order to sign up for the Whitelist and participate in the Whalesburg token sale, visit  official website. The number of places is limited! Follow the news at social media accounts: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter.



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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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