How To Earn Crypto On Mobile? Earn FREE Crypto on Your Phone

In this comprehensive guide to earning cryptocurrency on mobile devices, we cover 15 legitimate apps you can download today, letting you make money with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins. You don’t have to be an expert coder either – plenty of options out there are easy enough for anyone to use.

From mining cryptocurrency from your phone’s processor, taking part in micro tasks, marketing research, or even playing games – if you’ve been thinking about earning cryptocurrencies directly from your mobile device, this is the perfect guide!

💰 How Much Can You Earn? Exploring the Potential of Crypto Earnings on Your Phone

Are you curious how much crypto you can earn on your phone? While it is important to temper your expectations before diving into the world of crypto incomes, the potential of earning crypto on mobile devices is still quite promising!

You may not make hundreds of dollars overnight, but with an Android or iOS device, you can begin accumulating some crypto assets. This is made possible by completely free applications that enable you to start earning anytime and anywhere.

Most of you have probably heard of Binance Earn, CoinMarketCap Earn, Coinbase Answers or similar apps that allow you to earn some crypto while doing nothing. But there are a lot of other, lesser-known apps that can be used to earn free crypto on mobile as well.

Overall, exploring the potential of earning crypto on your mobile device might be just what you need in order to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

🚀 The Top 15 Methods for Earning Crypto on Your Phone

With the advent of cryptocurrency, there are now numerous ways to earn crypto on your phone. From taking surveys to playing games, you can use your device to earn rewards in digital currency.

We’ve rounded up the top 15 methods for earning crypto on your phone so you can start stacking coins as soon as possible. These options offer real value and are simple to use, so make sure to explore them all!

The top 15 methods for earning crypto with your mobile include: survey sites, industry-related jobs such as writing articles, shopping portals where you can earn cashback in crypto, mobile gambling apps that give rewards in crypto, crypto betting sites, faucets (where you get small amounts of crypto), apps like NoteFolio that allow you to earn income passively by holding coins, mining apps (which require a lot of battery power but also have potential huge returns).

In addition to these options utilizing dapps with DeFi protocols by exchanging assets or yield farming is a great way to increase profits. Finally, you can also check out cloud mining programs or hardware mining rigs if you want larger returns from mining activities..

These are just a few possibilities for earning crypto on your mobile – don’t wait another minute before starting!

🥇 #1 – Freecash: How to Get Paid for Your Daily Activities

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn cryptocurrency on mobile, you should check out Freecash. This site gives you multiple ways to earn that, including completing surveys, doing tasks, claiming rewards, and inviting friends. And the great thing is you can get paid in PayPal, gift cards, or crypto!

The payout threshold will vary depending on your chosen payment option but with PayPal it’s only $5. For crypto withdrawals, minimum is as low as $0.25 – so there are plenty of options for everyone!

Although Freecash is available worldwide and has a mobile app for Android users, iOS users can still access the site through a web browser from their device. But what if you want to watch videos instead? Well the good news is that they also offer cryptocurrency rewards for watching videos. So you can sit back and relax while earning some extra cash too!

🥈 #2 – COIN App: Turning Your Walks into Crypto Rewards

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn cryptocurrency without too much effort, then you should definitely try out the COIN App. With this app, you can earn crypto by simply watching videos. All you need to do is download and install the app on your device – whether an Android or iOS device – and make sure it’s running in the background.

Whenever the app detects that you are moving between locations, it will start mining digital currency, which can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XYO or even electronic devices. That means as long as you have your phone in your pocket as you go about your day-to-day activities, then you’ll be earning crypto passively!

So what are you waiting for? Download the COIN App today and start earning cryptocurrency while watching videos on your mobile!

🥉 #3 – Reddit Moons

Reddit Moons is a unique way to earn cryptocurrency that has gained popularity in recent times. Reddit Moons are ERC-20 tokens awarded to users in the subreddit r/CryptoCurrency based on the Karma they earn. The tokens are distributed monthly, and the amount received is based on the Karma earned during that period.

The value of Moons is quite volatile and fluctuates with the market. Currently, the value of a single Moon is around $0.33. Users can quickly earn hundreds of dollars worth of Moons each month by posting, commenting, and engaging with other users in the subreddit.

One of the interesting things about Reddit Moons is the social aspect that comes with it. Users can tip others by sending them Moons, making it a great way to support others in the community. Tipping others can also help increase your Karma and, in turn, the number of Moons you earn.

Another great aspect of Reddit Moons is that they can be transferred to other users or withdrawn to an external wallet. This means that users have full control over their tokens, and they can choose to hold or sell them on a cryptocurrency exchange.

💰 #4 – Brave Browser

Brave Rewards is a program by Brave, a popular browser, that rewards you for viewing ads that appear as notifications while browsing. The rewards system is in their cryptocurrency, BAT. If you are a content creator, you can verify your social network accounts and receive tips from other users.

You can withdraw your BATs by linking the two supported wallets: Uphold and Gemini. On average, users earn about 5 BAT ($4) per month on multiple devices.

🌐 #5 – Honeygain: Monetizing Your Unused Internet Data for Crypto

Honeygain is an incredible way to earn crypto with your mobile. This platform allows you to share your unused internet bandwidth with its clients, and earns rewards when you keep the app running in the background of your Android or iOS device. It’s available worldwide, so anyone can access it.

You can also redeem rewards for cash via PayPal, as long as you accumulate $20. Or, if you prefer, opt for their own altcoin – JumpToken (JMPT). Unlike many sites of this kind, there’s no minimum withdrawal threshold with JMPT which makes it super easy to use.

Whether you’re looking to jump into the cryptocurrency world or just want some extra money in your wallet, Honeygain is an awesome option that won’t take up much of your time – all you need to do is keep it running in the background on your smartphone!

💻 #6 – Peer2Profit: Renting Out Your CPU Power for Passive Crypto Income

Peer2Profit is an amazing way to earn crypto on mobile devices. With this platform, you can share your internet bandwidth with their customers, and in return get paid. As a member of Peer2Profit, you can choose from various payout methods like Webmoney, Advcash, Qiwi, Payeer and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The minimum payout threshold is quite low at $2 and the good news is that it’s available globally so you don’t have to worry about where you live. The only downside is that it is only available for Android which means that users need to install it manually since it’s not available for download on Google Play Store.

Overall, Peer2Profit is a great way to make some extra cash from your mobile device. It has competitive payouts, with a variety of payment options and low minimum payout thresholds. So if you’re looking to earn crypto on the go, Peer2Profit might be worth checking out!

💻 #7 – Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is a program by Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, that rewards you with cryptocurrency for learning about them and completing quizzes. The program is designed to help educate people about different cryptocurrencies while also rewarding them for their time and effort.

The Coinbase Earn program is quite simple to use. After signing up for Coinbase, you can access the Coinbase Earn program and begin learning about different cryptocurrencies. You will be presented with educational content such as videos, articles, and tutorials, after which you will be asked to complete a short quiz. You can take the quiz as many times as you need to get the answers right.

The amount of cryptocurrency you can earn through Coinbase Earn varies depending on the cryptocurrency and the number of tasks associated with it. In total, users can earn up to $60 or more by completing all available tasks. The earned cryptocurrency is then deposited into your Coinbase wallet and can be withdrawn or traded on the platform.

💳 #8 – Nexo: Earning Interest on Your Crypto Holdings with Your Phone

Using Nexo, you can earn crypto just by depositing your earnings into the platform. You’ll receive interest on whatever amount you deposit and can cash it out in any fiat currency of your choice.

The app works smoothly with both Android and iOS devices and is available to members in many countries. In addition, the platform is user friendly and makes it easy to track your transactions.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to earn crypto on mobile, signing up for Nexo is definitely worth your time and effort.

💰 #9 – Cointiply: Completing Microtasks for Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Cointiply is an amazing platform that lets you earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, DOGE, LiteCoin and more in your home.

Whether you’re using the web-based platform or the mobile app, you can access plenty of earning opportunities such as playing mobile games, answering surveys, completing paid offers, clicking ads and much more. It’s available worldwide so anyone can take advantage of it.

The payments methods it employs also make Cointiply stand out from other platforms as they offer LiteCoin, DOGE, DASH and Bitcoin payouts – all with a low threshold of simply $3! And if that wasn’t enough, their mobile app even works on Android devices for those who want to earn crypto on the go.

All in all, Cointiply is definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in making some extra money through cryptocurrency.

👨‍💻 #10 – CryptoTab: Mining Bitcoin with Your Phone’s Processing Power

Earning crypto on your phone is an accessible and low effort way to earn a few extra coins. With all of the browser options available, you can mine Bitcoin in the background while running your daily tasks. It won’t significantly affect battery life or performance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

While these rewards are attractive, be aware that earning significantly from this method will take time and dedication. Even with CryptoTab, the threshold is relatively low at $0.37 (depending on the exchange rate). As such, you must be prepared to wait for some time before reaching that goal – but it’s worth it if that’s what you want!

Overall, earning crypto on your phone is certainly possible and can be rewarding if done right. However, you should also understand that this idea comes with its own risks and limitations – so make sure you know what those are before trying it out.

💰 #11 StormGain Free Miner

StormGain is an exchange with a reputation for poor services, including a 10% fee on every profitable trade. However, they offer a miner that allows you to earn free USDT by clicking every four hours.

Using this miner, you can earn about $10 a month, which can be traded with leverage inside the exchange. You can keep all your profit and withdraw it to an external wallet without any KYC verification.

💰 #12 CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn

CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn is a program similar to Coinbase Earn. The CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn campaign offers new opportunities each week, but you have to be quick to answer the quiz before the prize pool is emptied.

To participate, you must have a Binance verified account where you will receive the rewards. The rewards are in cryptocurrency. I was able to win only once and received my $6 worth of GRT tokens directly in my Binance spot wallet.

💰 #13 PlayNano

PlayNano is a website where you can earn the cryptocurrency Nano by completing tasks such as watching videos or using faucets. It is easy to use, and the rewards are instantly sent to the wallet address you provide. With enough determination, you could earn around $3 worth of Nano daily.

💰 #14 CoinMarketCap Airdrops

CoinMarketCap Airdrops is another program by CoinMarketCap where you can participate in many new airdrops of new tokens being released. To be eligible, you must have a Telegram and a Twitter account. Unfortunately, there is a very small chance of winning (around 2%), and the prizes range from $5 to $15 for each airdrop.

While at it, check out our guide on best airdrop hunting tools.

💰 #15 BitCashback

BitCashback is a website that lets you earn a cashback of around 2% paid in BTC on multiple online stores. Since the website is Italian, most of the affiliate stores are too. You can find the list of all the stores here.

👍 Final Thoughts: Is Earning Crypto on Your Phone Worth Your Time and Effort?

Earning crypto on the go is becoming increasingly easier as advances in technology and mobile data coverage creates more opportunities for us to make use of our smart phones. We can now turn our smartphones not only into banks, but also into a mobile income generator – whether that’s through active or passive means.

However, when it comes to earning crypto on your phone, there is the important question of whether or not it’s worth the time and effort you’ll have to put in. After all, we’re all busy with jobs, family and other commitments, so is earning crypto on your phone an activity that’s really worth pursuing?

When considering this question, it’s important to take into account the potential rewards – including financial gains as well as learning about new technologies – as well as the risks involved when investing in cryptocurrency. Ultimately though, you need to decide if this is something that will work for you and fit into your lifestyle. So consider carefully; do the pros outweigh the cons?

Is Earning Crypto on Your Phone Worth Your Time and Effort?


How do you get free crypto on your phone

Getting free crypto on your phone is now easier than ever. There are a variety of ways to do so, such as participating in airdrops, completing surveys and tasks, playing games that reward you with crypto, and trading on exchanges. You can also join certain social media platforms or websites that offer rewards for sharing content or following their pages. Additionally, you can use apps like Storm Gain to mine cryptocurrency on your phone.

Is it safe to earn crypto on your phone

Yes, it is generally safe to earn crypto on your phone. However, you should always take precautions when dealing with any type of online activity involving money or sensitive data. Make sure you use a secure Wi-Fi connection and only use trusted websites or apps that have been verified by reputable sources. Additionally, make sure you always keep your private keys secure and never share them with anyone.

What is the best app to earn cryptocurrency

The best app for earning cryptocurrency will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some of the most popular apps include Coinbase, StormGain,, and Brave Browser. These apps offer a variety of features that allow you to buy, sell, trade, stake and mine cryptocurrencies. Additionally, some of these apps also give you the opportunity to earn rewards through their loyalty programs or affiliate programs.

How to get free $10 crypto

One of the easiest ways to get free $10 crypto is to join cryptocurrency exchanges that offer sign-up bonuses. These bonuses can be in the form of free coins or tokens, which can then be traded for other cryptos or cash.

For example, Coinbase offers a bonus of $10 worth of Bitcoin when you sign up and complete your first purchase. Similarly, Binance also offers a bonus of $10 worth of BNB when you register and make your first deposit.

Which app gives free Bitcoin

One of the most popular apps for earning free Bitcoin is StormGain. This app allows users to mine cryptocurrency with their phones, and rewards them with free Bitcoin in return. The app also features an intuitive interface and a range of helpful tools such as price alerts and market analysis. Additionally, StormGain has a loyalty program that rewards users with up to 20% in commissions when they refer friends.

How to mine Bitcoin on Android

Mining Bitcoin on your Android device is possible, although it is not as easy or profitable as mining with a desktop computer. To get started, you will need to download and install a Bitcoin mining app such as Stormgain miner.

How to mine Bitcoin on mobile

As answered above, you can do it via Stormgain miner app.

How to earn cryptocurrency by watching videos

You can also earn cryptocurrency by watching videos. Many platforms, such as StormGain and Brave Browser, offer rewards for viewing ads or promotional videos. Alternatively, you can use sites like LBRY to watch videos and get rewarded in cryptocurrency for your time. All you need to do is sign up for an account on the platform and start watching – it’s that simple! You can even earn rewards for referring your friends to these platforms.

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