How Does Kaspa’s (KAS) 10 Blocks Per Second Compare to Solana, Cardano and Bitcoin?

In a recent tweet, @The_Crypto_Zi provided a comparison simulation between the throughput of newer blockchain Kaspa (KAS) and other major chains like Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and Bitcoin (BTC). The goal was to showcase Kaspa’s superior transaction speed.

Bitcoin Bottleneck

As expected, Bitcoin processes the fewest transactions at 1 block per 10 minutes. This slow rate is by design but limits Bitcoin’s scalability and usability for payments.

Cardano’s Modest Throughput

Cardano achieves 1 block per 20 seconds, significantly faster than Bitcoin but still lagging newer generation blockchains. While an improvement, Cardano’s throughput remains limited.

Solana’s Hyped Speed

Much-hyped Solana reaches 2.5 blocks per second, an undeniably fast rate that still pales in comparison to Kaspa’s performance. This speed has contributed to Solana’s popularity, but the comparison shows room for improvement.

Kaspa’s Lightning Speed

The clear leader in the comparison is Kaspa, comfortably processing 10 blocks per second. This transaction speed dwarfs Bitcoin by a factor of 60x and is 4x faster than Solana. Moreover, Kaspa is aiming even higher, targeting 100 blocks per second in the future.

Better By Design

According to developer commentary, Kaspa achieves this industry-leading throughput via fundamental blockchain architecture advantages. By optimizing UTXO model mechanics, the network can operate at blazing fast speeds without compromising safety or stability.

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While the comparison highlights Kaspa’s impressive technical capabilities, the developer emphasized this exercise was not intended to undermine other chains. Ultimately, innovation in the blockchain space benefits all projects. Yet Kaspa appears positioned to raise the bar on transaction speed. Its 10 block per second performance cements its status as one of the fastest and most capable next-generation blockchain networks. If achieved, the goal of 100 bps would be game-changing.

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