Can the Cronos Rollercoaster Soar to $1.00? After Raising $1.5M, Is This the Next Top 100 Crypto?

Crypto ETFs are red hot and crypto prices are moving higher. Undoubtedly, crypto funds could attract more capital with ETFs. Among the gainers in the market, Cronos was at the forefront, sparking hopes that it could soar to $1.00. 

Even more importantly, optimistic investors poured money into everything from big names to the smallest cryptos. BorroeFinance ($ROE), a newcomer, has raised over $1.50 million in a record time and is now on track to become the next top 100 crypto. 

Read on to find out why Cronos and BorroeFinance are some of the best alt coins right now. 


After Raising over $1.50m, BorroeFinance Aims for Top 100 Crypto

BorroeFinance ($ROE) has recently hit a new milestone: the project has raised over $1.5 million. The fresh funds help make $ROE, the native token, synonymous with a FinTech revolution as the innovative platform rides high on the Web3 boom. 

What is BorroeFinance doing?

The BorroeFinance platform is a peer-to-peer ecosystem that provides new funding methods for Web3 businesses and content creators, and new high-return assets for savvy investors. On the platform, content creators, influencers, NFT marketplaces, and other innovative businesses can turn their future earnings into loan NFTs.

Investors buy into these assets, which are sold at a discount, to receive the full amount at a predetermined future date. In exchange, the issuing businesses obtain instant cash that they can use for marketing, investment, and other liquidity needs to expand their operations. 

How does $ROE use blockchain technology for web3 funding?

BorroeFinance uses blockchain technology to provide access to low-cost, instant funding. Poised to become one of the best DeFi projects on the market, the $ROE token is already in Stage 2 of its presale and has amassed over $1.5 million. 

Currently priced at only $0.015, the final price is expected to be $0.04, which marks a total price increase of 300% for early backers. 


How is the BorroeFinance Presale Going?

Thanks to incremental price increases, new investors can still capitalize on this huge opportunity. The next stage will mark a price increase of over 16%, to $0.0175. Over 90% of the total tokens allocated to the current stage have already been sold, so this could be the right time to buy into the $ROE presale before the price appreciates. 

Can the Cronos Rollercoaster Soar to $1?

One of the notable movers among the top altcoins has been Cronos. The price action has intensified after Cronos Labs announced a new $100 million accelerator program that seeks to provide support to early-stage crypto projects.

Similar to BorroeFinance, the new project combines AI and crypto – more specifically, it targets AI-based projects and helps them launch new products on the market. As venture capitalists are focusing more and more on AI, this industry is ripe for investment. 

Also, Cronos Labs has recently signed up multiple industry leaders as mentors in the program. Some examples include leading blockchain security firms Certik and PeckShield, but also Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. 

With Cronos pricing on the rise, the next months are surely worth investors’ attention – some optimistic voices claim that these developments could propel Cronos to new heights, and even reach $1.00 in the light of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, which has historically been known to lead to bullish movements in the crypto market. 

The Bottom Line

All in all, the crypto industry is finally coming to life, shining a light on the best altcoins to buy. As big news drives interest in the market, investors and crypto whales alike buy into both big names and smaller cryptos with huge potential. 

BorroeFinance ($ROE) is one example of how blending AI with blockchain technology is the future – an investment opportunity that has already been spotted by other industry players like Cronos Labs. 

If you want to invest in the future of the Web3 industry, this could be the right moment – visit the official BorroeFinance website to buy into the presale!

Learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) here:

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Felix Küster

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