Why QUBIC’s 10,000% Explosion Outperformed Even Solana’s Meteoric Rise

The new cryptocurrency Qubic (QUBIC) has exploded onto the crypto scene in recent weeks, generating huge buzz and massive price gains that rival Solana’s meteoric rise couldn’t match.

In the past 30 days alone, QUBIC has skyrocketed from $0.0000003 to around $0.00003 – a 10,000% increase! This impressive run even exceeds Solana’s price increase of 170% during the same period last year when it went from $23 to $63.

With performance like this, QUBIC seems poised to become one of the top new blockchain projects and continues to gain momentum. But what exactly is behind this new crypto, and what’s driving the excitement?

QUBIC is the utility token that powers the Qubic platform – a new blockchain network optimized for smart contracts and decentralized applications. According to the project’s whitepaper, QUBIC tokens act as a measurement of computational “energy” spent on executing smart contracts, accessing oracle data, and other actions on the Qubic network.

Unlike typical crypto tokens, QUBIC tokens are burned when used, creating a unique balance of inflation and deflation. New QUBIC tokens are minted weekly and allocated to Computors, the specialized nodes that secure the network. This innovative tokenomics design rewards efficiency and encourages the best performance of the network.

With the total supply capped at 1000 trillion, QUBIC seems positioned for long-term growth as demand increases. The project has already attracted significant attention from crypto influencers, like @Moustache who stated: “So bullish on $QUBIC that it hurts. A few see the potential at the current level. Most only recognise it 10x higher from here.”

For investors looking to get in early on this explosive new crypto, QUBIC is currently only available on the SafeTrade exchange. With listings already in progress for major exchanges like CoinGecko and MEXC, QUBIC is likely to reach a wider audience soon.

With innovative technology, exciting tokenomics, and huge growth potential, QUBIC could very well be the next Solana. As momentum continues to build, now is the time to take a close look at this up-and-comer before it potentially joins the top crypto ranks.

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Petar Jovanović
Petar Jovanović

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