Genesis Vision (GVT) Summary: Fundamentals are rock solid, full release is around the corner

Genesis Vision has been one of the standout performers in the past period. Opening the month of August at $7.38/95883 satoshi, this currency managed to fall of quite a bit (alongside the rest of the market) on the 14th. After reaching the monthly lows of $3.59/60050 satoshi, GVT entered a small uptrend as it clearly decoupled itself from Bitcoin in a short-term move that was likely motivated by some solid FA updates. This positive run culminated at $9.49/150311 satoshi on the 12th; the price has been moving sideways ever since.

You can currently purchase a single GVT for $8.05 USD (-9.93% drop in the last 24 hours)
0.00128730 BTC (-6.21% drop in the last 24 hours). It has a very low daily trade volume of 238 BTC. With a market cap of $33,781,750, GVT is currently the 128th most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.

Trader alanmasters sees a chance for Genesis Vision to reach new all-time highs:

“Good potential for Genesis Vision @ 265% to all time high from current price. New highs are always possible.

  • We have a nice breakout.
  • Bullish MACD. Bullish MACD crossover and divergence.
  • Very clear uptrend since bottom was hit on 14th August.
  • Bullish RSI & STOCH.”

Check out the full analysis for a deeper overview of his targets.

Genesis Vision recently came out with the announcement that everyone close to the project has been waiting for anxiously: the platform launch date has been confirmed.

The full release will come with the following features:

  • A completely overhauled UI – the team are revamping the interface from the ground up with a team of designers, formerly working from a TradingView design. The developers have listened to people’s feedback and are currently in the process of adjusting to it.
  • Integration with decentralized exchanges Idex and ForkDelta – Genesis Vision managers will be able to seamlessly carry out their trading and fund managing right through the individual interface of the decentralized exchange of their choice.
  • Complete integration of Genesis Markets with Genesis Vision – Among other integrations, the platform and all of the reading materials will be translated into the Chinese language. The team will start an active promotion in the Chinese region, which they deem a region of high importance.
  • Index funds and ETF’s will go live – the team will describe this feature more upon launch
  • Tools to analyze the performance of trading managers
  • A marketing campaign to attract new investors and managers to GM and GV

The team claim that they’ve been working very hard on delivering the complete list of the mentioned features over the summer; to confirm their efforts, they have released an overview of their activities. With 12 new developers working in 6 modern languages and providing 33 new repositories, 868 new commits and 406665 new lines of code, the work is surely being done. Previously mentioned features will be perfected in the remaining days before launch. The team offers some guidelines for 2019 as well, with the team suggesting we could potentially see a fiat gateway, bank & stocks integration and further platform development.

?Learn more about in our exchange review.

The team also announced that Genesis Markets welcomed a new CEO. Konstantin Popov, who previously worked as a Business Development Director in Just2Trade and manager of team’s operations in China, will now lead the full Genesis Markets development, with additional focus on the development of Genesis projects within the Asian territory. To honor his new position, Genesis Vision Medium blog released an interview with Mr. Popov which you can read here.

The wheels started turning and the project is nearing its full trial by fire. The platform’s fundamentals (including the team, the code/UI and the community) seem solid and ready to go. Right now, it will be important to secure enough initial exposure to achieve critical levels of liquidity. Enabling easy access to the market and securing sufficient numbers of managers/investors should bring about enough momentum for Genesis Vision to take off successfully. One thing is for sure: we will know more on October 30th.

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