Gem hunt: 3 smaller cap coins with mainnet launches in May

This year could be the year of mainnets. Everyone keeps an eye on the big launches about to happen from Tron, EOS and alike but there are couple of smaller coins that are also ready to have their main blockchains go live and we will cover those in this article. It would be a good idea to have them on a watchlist to invest since these events usually cause nice spikes in price of the coin.

Here are the top 3 smaller mainnet launches in May.

Oyster (PRL)

Oyster is a small cap and not to known altcoin that has an interesting project and it could generate interest in cryptoverse with its main chain being launched.  The Oyster mainnet will be launched on May 29, 2018. Its built on a hybrid blockchain technology. To achieve this, the team of developers utilized the IOTA Tangle protocol and popular smart contract capabilities from the Ethereum network.

They are providing a new solution to websites and applications to store data using Iota and the client can even use their script to make some revenue using GPU or CPU (minimal) power from the user so they can give an Ad free experience to the user.

PRL currently trades at $0.58 against the USD and has a market cap of $45 million. You can buy the token at Kucoin, Cryptopia, IDEX, and CoinExchange.  There’s a rumour that the token could soon be listed on Huobi, one of the larger crypto exchanges in Asia.

Nuls (NULS)

Another smaller community and token in terms of market cap but it did garner more attention in the broader crypto community. The launch is set to go in couple of days and there is big hope in their fan base it could affect the price positively.

The project wants to build a customizable modular blockchain ecosystem which runs on top of a microkernel and functional modules. There are also smart contracts, multi-chain mechanisms, and cross-chain consensus. Whether or not it can disrupt the proverbial ceiling associated with blockchain technology remains to be determined.

The project is already attracting attention with a number of partnerships that have the community confident that development team will deliver.

The NULS token currently trades at $3.91 against the USD and has a market cap of $156 million. You can buy the token on seven cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bit-Z, OKEx, CoinBene, and Kucoin.

Internet Node Token (INT)

INT works similarly to the way IOTA (MIOTA) does, which means that Internet Node Token is aiming at creating a platform that would have machines and devices working for different purposes with protocols that enable machine-to-machine communication.

Its business model is built to provide a safe and secure platform with which a new IoT ecosystem can be molded.

One of the striking things about INT is the many collaborations that it already has entered. The team behind INT has teamed up with tech giant IBM, Huawei, JIC capital, Zhejiang University and IMECAS. With the mainnet deployment coming soon, it’s likely to see a lot of interest potentially impacting the price.

Currently, the token trades at $0.21 against the USD and has a market cap of 32 million. You can buy INT tokens at five exchanges at the moment: OKEx, CoinEgg, AllCoin, CoolCoin, and YEX

The market may be in a slump at the moment, but there are always individual coins that have big announcements coming and it’s a good time to hunt around for one or two gems that could go on to be very successful. It’s advisable to always research more about projects though, before deciding to invest.

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Rene Peters

Rene Peters

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