Fat Pig Signals Review – Is Fat Pig Signals Worth It? 3 Reasons For And 3 Against It

Fat Pig Signals Review – Is Fat Pig Signals Worth It? 3 Reasons For And 3 Against It
Fat Pig Signals Review – Is Fat Pig Signals Worth It? 3 Reasons For And 3 Against It
Experienced Team behind the service
Frequent technical Analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum and other smaller coins
Long track record of profitable recommendations

In the bustling world of cryptocurrency trading, having the right guidance can make all the difference. This is where platforms like Fat Pig Signals come into play. Our comprehensive Fat Pig Signals review will delve into the features, pros, and cons of this popular Telegram group that offers trading signals for Bitcoin and a variety of altcoins.

From the perspective of seasoned traders to beginners, we’ll examine how Fat Pig Signals caters to all levels of trading experience. We’ll also address the question that’s on many minds: is Fat Pig Signals a scam or a legitimate tool for crypto trading?

In this Fatpigsignals review, we’ll provide an unbiased look at the platform, helping you make an informed decision. Whether you’re curious about the effectiveness of the Fat Pig Signal or seeking a reliable source for crypto trading signals, this article aims to provide the insights you need. Let’s dive in.

Quick summary
📚 Topic📝 Summary
🔑 Key FeaturesFat Pig Signals is a Telegram group offering trading signals for Bitcoin and popular altcoins. It is led by a group of experienced traders and provides technical market information to help determine which coins to buy or sell. It is suitable for traders of all skill and experience levels.
👍 ProsFat Pig Signals offers excellent technical analysis and provides long-term picks. It has a good rapport in the community and is successful regardless of market conditions. The profit result of their Telegram trading signals is estimated to be almost 50%.
👎 ConsOne user reported that they took $1000 and did not want to give it back. Please note that the search results provide limited information about the pros and cons of Fat Pig Signals platform. It is recommended to conduct further research or read more reviews to gather more comprehensive information before making a decision.


Cryptocurrency trading is not for everyone. Getting good “alpha” information a minute before the rest of the crypto market can mean a hefty profit for you. That is why, among other things, a good signals provider can be an edge for your trading efforts.

These crypto signals help determine when to buy or sell a specific cryptocurrency and at what price. It’s a highly sensitive matter, though, which can lead to either significant profits or immeasurable loss, depending on how accurate your crypto signal provider is.

Today, we’ll talk about one of such signal providers. With the aid of this article, you can decide if it will work for you or if you will go with something else. Let’s start.

Fat Pig Signals

What Is Fat Pig Signals Group?

Fat Pig Signals is a group of professional traders that helps in getting technical market information that can help you determine which coin to buy or sell. It has been in existence since 2017 and has proved to be effective and reliable.

You can get their reports via Telegram or through YouTube videos. As one of the best crypto signal providers, there is a certain level of trust that comes with the cryptocurrency signals and reliable signals they provide. Furthermore, you can read all the market news here.

What Is It For?

Fat Pig Signals help investors to: 

  • Monitor cryptocurrency market fluctuations, which will enable you not to miss out on any trade opportunities.
  • They give an up-to-date technical analysis of the market that helps investors know when to buy or sell their coins.
  • They give new updates that will be of benefit to investors to diversify.
  • They have a free telegram channel and VIP Channel telegram group for their subscribers.

It should be noted that Fat Pig Signals do not have access to funds; they only provide market studies and make suggestions to investors.


Since its existence in 2017, it has proven to be one of the best crypto signal providers. They have not had losses above 10%, and in a recent study, they have shown a consistent accuracy of 82.84%.


A starting price of:

0.5 ETH / 3 months

0.75 ETH / 6 months 

1.25 ETH /1 Year.

Fat Pig Signals Services

  • They give special reports and opportunity analyses.
  • They manage portfolios both for long and mid-term goals.
  • They provide new market updates to help subscribers take advantage of good trade opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • They give communication and customer service support.
  • Binance signals with risk management
  • Bybit and Bitmex signals for margin trading.
  • Fat Pig Signals support auto trading. Making it easy to configure the channel native bots by using your API key
Fat Pig Signals

Quality Of Signals

Fat Pig Signals always make its crypto traders comfortable by making its signal easy to understand even by inexperienced traders.

The overall quality has been rated good, and its accuracy has been kept above 75%, and occasionally it goes up to 90% during favorable conditions.

Fat Pig Signals Communication and Customer Support

They have a chat room that is interactive, educational, and relaxing. It is available 24/7 and provides one-on-one help when needed

There are over 8000 paid groups on the platform. Therefore, crypto traders can get feedback within 24 hours from their admin.

Although they have excellent support and communication service, it does not give general cryptocurrency support.

FINAL THOUGHT – Is Fat Pig Signals Worth It?

The following should help answer the question correctly.

Fat Pig Signals give an expert technical analysis of the market and detailed reports that can help you make good decisions on crypto trading. With over 2,000 coins in the entire crypto market, it might be time-consuming and practically impossible to monitor them manually. 

However, with the Fat Pig Signals team, you can be assured to have up-to-date trading signals that will help you conclude which coin to buy or sell and when to do it. This is a team with lots of experience.

👉 Good monitoring and analyzing trading charts is not what can be done in a few hours, and most investors don’t have much time to stay on doing the monitoring themselves. If that is the case with you, the Fat Pig Signals technical team got your back. They monitor and help traders know when they can make more profits.

Their prediction is based on history and monitoring graphs and charts over a period of time. They have always tried to give an accurate prediction and even give good advice on diversifying your portfolio to manage risk better. Also, they provide regular market updates.

In general, Fat Pig Signals has proven to be one of the best crypto signal providers. It is also important for investors to be more involved in the research to fully understand and be better able to make good personal decisions because, in the end, you are ultimately responsible for whatever trading decisions you make.

Fat Pig Signals


8.5 Total Score

Ease of use
Supported assets
Customer Support
  • Experienced Team behind the service
  • Frequent technical Analysis for Bitcoin and Ethereum and other smaller coins
  • Long track record of profitable recommendations
  • When the market is bearish, fewer signals overall (But is better than losing money)
intelligent crypto
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  1. BE CARFUL, they are SCAM. They got 1000 usd of my money and did nothing and ask for more.

  2. Rude asshat manages this group with a wide requirement for a stoploss which is why they claim their accuracy is good but technically losing you a lot of money.

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