Don’t sleep on Stellar Lumens (XLM) – Adoption rate grows and price will follow suit

Back in December of 2017, Stellar Lumens partnered with SatoshiPay, a digital “pocket change” wallet which allows you to conduct internet payments of as low as 1 cent. This has brought about a lot of adoption to XLM and SatoshiPays recent partnership with The Register, a UK based company focused on news, books and opinion publishing has expanded Stellar’s usability even further.

SatoshiPays 1-click Nano payment transactions have clearly impressed the big honchos at The Register who have decided to use the platform as a payment channel for their news and original content. The Nano payment system will come in handy to support The Register’s digital publishing branch, with one of its most popular books, “Geek’s Guide to Britain”, already being available for purchase through the SatoshiPay platform.

Gavin Clarke, managing editor at The Register said on this partnership: “The publishing industry is locked in a battle between readers who don’t want invasive ads and publishers who want to monetize their content. Recent advances in blockchain and crypto currencies offer the chance to break that deadlock. The Geek’s Guide to Britain e-book micropayments pilot provides the opportunity to assess these developments, letting readers invest in the kind of quality writing they’ve come to expect from The Register while providing additional income for our business.”

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the Stellar network, seems to be having similar sentiments on the partnership

This is an exciting moment for Stellar and the cryptocurrency community as a whole, as it represents one of the first mainstream uses of blockchain payments in reaching millions of consumers.

A celebratory giveaway

To celebrate this partnership and drive their coin of choice adoption forward, SatoshiPay announced a 1 million XLM token giveaway to its users. The giveaway will be the second phase of the massive, 50 million XLM giveaway that Stellar Lumens and SatoshiPay plan on distributing to 1 million users during the upcoming period. This wave of the giveaway will be delivering 50 XLM tokens per user. The process takes place entirely in their widget. Simply go to a website with SatoshiPay installed, open the SatoshiPay widget, and follow the instructions in the “TOP-UP” panel.

Stellar Lumens Massive Price and Adoption Growth

SatoshiPay partnership with XLM has clearly flourished and both sides are working hard to increase the stability and quality of the cooperation. Thanks to this and many other partnerships, Stellar Lumens has experienced massive growth since it was initially introduced to the crypto market. Looking at its launch price to where it is today, we see a coin that has exploded to a fantastical 6300% gain, probably leaving many early adopters happy.

Still, the coin has a lot more room for growth and its current price of $0.28 is way off the projected $1-$2 that most analysts feel it can achieve in the year of 2018. Most of these predictions are based on the fact that the coin is still actively working on acquiring new partnerships, which should boost its adoption and usage. SatoshiPay is just the tip of the partnership iceberg, as companies like Keybase, EXCH.ONE, Klick-Ex, HashCash, Mobius and the famous IBM have also confirmed their commitment to the coin before. If you are going to judge its future based on those, XLM could be in for one hell of a year.

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