Cardano Crash Continues As Raboo Is Set To Explode, Jupiter Co-Founder Backs Meme Coin Relevance

Cardano’s ADA token downward spiral has continued for the fourth consecutive week while Jupiter Co-founder continues to promote memecoins, emphasizing their role in fostering crypto market innovation. 

Consequently, Raboo, a new presale token in the memecoin ecosystem, has emerged as one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024, after raising nearly $2 million with support from over 8,000 memecoin enthusiasts in its ecosystem and almost 3,000 token holders.

Cardano faces declining wallet activity and price plunge amid market recovery

Cardano has encountered notable difficulties, as highlighted by recent insights from Changelly, a leading platform for crypto analytics. Cardano’s price has seen a 20% decline this month causing it to trade at $0.3682, as of press time. Crypto analysts are yet to release a positive outlook concerning Cardano, with its downward spiral traced to the sharp decline in active wallets and trading volume associated with Cardano.

The combination of diminishing wallet activity and a sharp decline in price highlights a potential period of consolidation and reevaluation for Cardano. While recent network upgrades aim to enhance Cardano’s capabilities, the immediate challenge lies in regaining lost ground amidst fluctuating market conditions. Although iInvestors and analysts are unsure of Cardano’s trajectory, supporters of the project have maintained their positions, optimistic for a rally in the near future. 

Jupiter co-founder tips memecoins to disrupt the crypto industry

Jupiter’s co-founder, Meow, has tweeted in defense of memecoins on his verified X account (formerly Twitter), asserting memecoins play a pivotal role in developing decentralized finance and user-generated currencies. Drawing parallels to early social media platforms, the Jupiter Co-founder suggests memecoins serve as experimental grounds for financial technology innovations.

Despite the subsequent criticisms from traditional finance experts who remain skeptical about cryptocurrencies and meme coins, the Jupiter Co-founder’s stance emphasizes a dual approach: embracing the innovation potential of memecoins while simultaneously advocating for the development of comprehensive crypto market infrastructure across all ecosystems including Jupiter’s.

This approach, according to Jupiter Co-founder, aims to balance speculative activities with foundational advancements that could ultimately enhance the functionality and reliability of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance. Crypto analysts have also interpreted Jupiter’s Cofounder’s statement as a show of support for meme coins that are now accepted as investment options in the crypto market.

Raboo set to disrupt the memecoin ecosystem with potentials for explosive growth and substantial returns

Crypto analysts have identified Raboo ($RABT) presale token as one of the best altcoins to invest in 2024, after its upward trend continues to disrupt the memecoin ecosystem.  Raboo’s impressive performance, with a 60% increase since Stage 1, has significantly boosted investor confidence with expectations of a 233% price increase during presale and potential for significant 100x growth during launch, affirming its ambitious goal of entering the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Central to Raboo’s strategy is the integration of AI-powered features, positioning itself as a leader in merging memes with advanced technology. This innovative approach not only enhances engagement through its Post-to-Earn platform but also aims to revolutionize how social media content is monetized within the crypto community. By connecting meme enthusiasts globally, Raboo seeks to cultivate a community-driven ecosystem that combines elements of SocialFi and MemeFi, positioning itself as one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024.

As Raboo gains momentum, it promises to bridge the gap between digital creativity and blockchain innovation, leveraging the power of memes to drive its vision forward. With nearly 3,000 token holders already onboard and an accessible entry price, Raboo is set to redefine the meme coin landscape in 2024 and beyond, offering enthusiasts unprecedented opportunities to participate in and benefit from its dynamic ecosystem.


As Cardano’s decline persists, causing losses for investors, Jupiter’s Co-founder defends meme coins, emphasizing their potential for profits and role in fostering crypto market innovation. Raboo stands out among these memecoins, connecting enthusiasts globally and integrating AI technology, bolstering investor confidence. Positioned as one of the best altcoins to invest in 2024, Raboo is poised for significant adoption by retail and institutional investors.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:


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