Cadalabs set to launch its NFT Marketplace, kicks off Second phase CALA Token Sale

Cadalabs team is excited to announce that the NFT Marketplace will be launches on the 15th of December 2021. This news was made public shortly after the project kicks off its phase 2 token pre sale. 

Cadalabs NFT Marketplace will include the following features; Lower transaction fees, faster confirmation speeds, Seamless user onboarding. This Amazing features will act to attract more collectors and creators to Cadalabs ecosystem.

Cadalabs NFT Marketplace Amazing Features

1. Mint your own artworks

2. Buy/sell NFTs

3. Auctions

4. Build profile

5. Swap tokens

Phase 2 CALA Tokens Pre Sale Procedure

Cadalabs will be having a total of 10 million CALA tokens available for sale at this phase at a very affordable 0.25 ADA per token rate. The minimum token you can purchase is 300 ADA and maximum token that can be purchased is 15000 ADA. This is to allow everyone to actively participate in Cadalabs token at this Pre Sale phase before it gets on Exchanges after the pre sale .In addition to this, there will be extra bonus reward for tokens bought at each stage. the Pre-Sale phase II has a bonus of 5% for three days starting from Nov 1 to Nov 3.

Cadalabs is also set to launch its Cadalabs NFT Marketplace by the end of the pre sale exercise to show the community a working business plan. 


CADALABS Protocol is the first community-driven NFT platform building a NFT Minting Dapp on the Cardano Network to enable digital artwork collectors mint their works as NFTs and connect them to sellers to trade seamlessly in the future. CADALABS team developed its utility token dubbed $CALA Token, which enables the community to take part in governance issues. Besides, by holding the CALA token, users can moderate creators, vote on proposals, stake their tokens to earn and curate featured artwork.

Cadalabs has further plans to support DeFi (decentralized finance) projects as well as enterprise applications through grants, swaps and other forms of investments.


* Tokens will exist in staked and unstaked forms. Staked tokens will provide users with platform functionality.

* Power a Democratized Autonomous Platform (DAP), enabling users to participate in organizational decisions and shape product roadmap.

* Allow holders to purchase physical and virtual goods, content, and services in a decentralized marketplace.

* Reward digital content creators who generate quantifiable value, determined with the consensus of the community.

* Share ad revenue with users who opt-in to see advertisements. By staking more tokens, users can earn a larger portion of the revenue they generate. 

Payment For Profile Verification:

How To Participate In the Second Phase CALA Token Sale

CALA Token Second phase pre sale is ongoing for interested investors and members of the public to purchase and become early Adopters

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