Bitcoin Mining Tokens Represent the Ultimate Bet for 2024 According to Matrixport

Matrixport recently shone a light on an interesting strategy for maintaining a rich portfolio. According to the crypto financial services platform, investing in a diversified portfolio of mining companies is the ultimate bet for 2024. 

Investing in BTC vs. Investing in BTC Mining

The much-awaited Bitcoin-halving is scheduled for early 2024. Although the BTC price looks bearish now, analysts believe that the downturn will be short-lived. As the relevance of Bitcoin-halving translates into social momentum, Bitcoin is likely to undergo a steep price surge, with the potential to touch anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. 

But Matrixport points out that if Bitcoin were to reach a new all-time high at $70,000, it would give a mere 167% return for an individual investor. But investors who opted for a diverse selection of Bitcoin mining companies could generate substantially larger profits from the bull run. 

Bitcoin 1-year price action, CoinMarketCap 

The underwhelming price action of listed digital asset companies reflects the compelling investment opportunities within the Bitcoin (BTC) mining sector, according to Matrixport. 

For diversification purposes, Markus Thielen, the Head of Research at Matrixport, notes that investing in discounted Bitcoin mining stocks or tokens with substantial growth potential could be a compelling strategy for 2024. 

$1M Raised and Counting: BTC Mining Token is Trending 

Bitcoin Minetrix simplifies the process of investing in a diversified portfolio of BTC mining companies through blockchain tokenization. 

The project allows passive investors to earn mining rewards by staking $BTCMTX tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. The unique value proposition has resonated with investors and the presale of $BTCMTX is about to cross the $1.2M milestone at the time of writing. 

The bear market has expedited the presale as most investors began to dump saturated coins. Due to their high market cap, cryptocurrencies like MATIC, ADA, and SOL are proving to be risky investments this year. 

Experts recommend a diversified portfolio of promising new crypto coins like BTCMTX, along with established cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH to maintain a profitable portfolio.

Does Bitcoin Minetrix Justify the Investor Buzz?

The primary goal of Bitcoin Minetrix is to simplify Bitcoin mining and make it accessible to everyday investors. Since a majority of people can’t afford to mine due to the high initial capital investment and technical expertise it requires, the profits from BTC mining are unfairly held by a few people. 

This is where Bitcoin Minetrix comes in. 

It taps into the vast resources of mining companies and allows retail investors to earn a share of their profits. All you need to do to access mining rewards via Bitcoin Minetrix is to stake BTCMTX tokens. In exchange, you will start to receive mining power in  non-tradeable ERC-20 tokens. Once you burn them, your account will credit mining rewards. 

By integrating non-tradeable mining credits into the system, Bitcoin Minetrix eliminates the chances of hacks and thefts. In addition, the project has undergone a thorough audit by Coinsult. 


499% Staking APY for Early Investors 

Bitcoin Minterix offers attractive passive income for early investors who stake their presale tokens in the module. At the  time of writing, the staking APY stands at a massive 499%. As more people pour money into the staking pool, the APY is bound to decrease. Still, it is more reliable than the industry standard. 

The Road Ahead Looks Bright

Bitcoin Minetrix has an action-packed, ambitious roadmap laid out in front of it for the coming months. If the roadmap is any sign, the project will reshape the BTC mining landscape by taking it to the masses. 

The most exciting product milestone ahead is the launch of the mobile app and web dashboard. The stake-to-mine module offers staking rewards in BTCMTX in the first stage. The launch of the application will allow stakers to earn mining credits instead, which they can burn to earn mining rewards in BTC. 

The mobile app and web dashboard allow users to access the full-fledged functionalities of the platform. 

As the product rolls out and attains a significant user base, Bitcoin Minetrix will partner with large cloud mining entities to grow the platform’s capacity.

The Investment Aspect of Bitcoin Minetrix

BTCMTX tokens are currently available for purchase at just $0.11. In the next presale stage which is set to begin in two days, the price would undergo a hike. 

The Matrixport report and the persistent bear market have expedited the traffic to the presale. The high market relevance of the project, combined with its growth potential, has made the presale a huge success. It is likely to sell out soon. 

Prominent influencers including Michael Wrubel and Zach Humphries have featured the mining token, adding to its visibility and credibility.

Although initial excitement and FOMO are likely to influence the project’s early-stage pricing, the next phases will see the utility and the buzz surrounding Bitcoin halving take the lead.

The token’s short-term and long-term growth potential look strong, as a result. The debut exchange listing could generate potential returns ranging from 15X to 20X for early investors. 


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