Bitcoin BSC Presale Enters Final Stages Ahead of Schedule – How High Can the Stake-to-Earn Bitcoin Alternative Pump?

The Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) presale is on its way to the $5M milestone at the time of writing. Given that the presale has a hard cap of $6,063,750, an early sell-out is on the horizon for the token this week. 

As the FOMO around BTCBSC peaks to new heights, here is an analysis of the new Bitcoin alternative and what fuels the social euphoria. 

For Those Who Missed the BTC Pump 

Bitcoin BSC is a new bitcoin alternative built on the BSC blockchain. It is the latest in the 2.0 series and follows in the footsteps of assets like BTC2.0 which climbed 80X in a matter of days. 

But it is built to endure the market volatility with rich stake-to-earn offers.

The token gives everyone who missed out on the BTC pump another chance to ride the crypto mania. 

That’s most of us. 

Not everyone was long-sighted enough to invest in the digital gold when it was selling under $1. Back then, BTC was confined to a few geeks who understood the radical new asset and how it could change the way we deal with money. 

Those who had the patience to hold onto BTC over the next few years went on to become millionaires. To give you a better perspective, Bitcoin was selling for around $1 in 2011. In a matter of just two years, the coin climbed to $1000. 

In other words, it turned a mere $1000 early investment into a million.

But that’s just the beginning. Fast-forward to 2023, Bitcoin was selling for $68k. Despite the cascade of price dips that followed, strategic investors made a fortune from BTC. 

Interestingly, the popular crypto rags-to-riches tales are not confined to BTC. All high-cap assets like ETH, XRP, and DOGE have earned generous returns for early investors over the years. 

The Key Lies in Investing Early 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an investor is to buy into a coin after it has matured. For example, we can’t reasonably expect Bitcoin to attempt a 1000X jump from its current price of $26,175 and a market cap of $510B. 

Of course, investors who have the time and tools can still buy Bitcoin to take advantage of its volatile price movements. It is also a good long-term investment with bitcoin-halving just months away. Still, an optimistic price prediction for BTC ranges between 50% and 150%.

The same goes for all established cryptocurrencies. 

The potential returns from promising new assets like BTCBSC, on the other hand, range between 1000% to 10,000%. BTCBSC has a low initial market cap of $6,063,750 that gives it room for exponential growth. 

Investors who want to make attractive returns from the crypto market need to expand their portfolios to emerging and underrated cryptocurrencies. 

One of the best assets that belong to that category is Bitcoin BSC, which explains the hype around the ongoing presale. It turns back the clock to 2011 when BTC was selling for $1. 

What does that mean?

BTCBSC is selling for $0.99 at the presale, recreating the Bitcoin magic that made millionaires out of retail investors. 

A Utility-Driven Token Derived from the BNB Smart Chain

Bitcoin BSC has no official relationship with Bitcoin. Being built on the BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin BSC maintains a strong edge against BTC from an investment aspect. 

While Bitcoin is often blamed for its unfair share of carbon emission and energy inefficiency, BTCBSC’s underlying blockchain is low-cost, eco-friendly, and smart contract-capable. 

In essence, the new asset doesn’t just take inspiration from BTC’s trajectory, but also improves it with a high voltage BNB Smart Chain and stake-to-earn benefits. 

Stake to Earn Attractive Passive Income

Bitcoin, as hyped as it is, offers little utility to an average investor. It rewards miners, yes. But that requires heavy investment in machinery and skills. Mining is not for all. 

Bitcoin BSC allows all investors to earn passive income through its stake-to-earn ecosystem. Once you have bought the tokens, you just need to head to the staking module and lock your tokens for a fixed period of time. During the locking period, your investment will accrue interest with high APY. 

The interest will be in addition to the money you earn from the price difference in the token. The APY is strong at 104% now. 

69% of the total supply is set aside for staking to be distributed over a 120-year period. Your share in the Bitcoin BSC staking pool determines your staking rewards. 

How High Can BTCBSC Pump?

At the current pace, the Bitcoin BSC presale will hit its $6M hard cap and sell out this week. 

There is limited time to invest in the token. After the presale, it will be harder for investors to get in. The price is expected to surge anywhere from 7X to 10X within the first week of the token launch. 

While it is far-fetched to expect Bitcoin BSC to follow the same trajectory as Bitcoin, it has the potential to generate returns ranging from 50X to 100X in a year. 

The low initial market cap and price leaves large room for growth for early investors of the token. 

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