Bitcoin BSC Crosses the $3M Milestone – Why this New Cryptocurrency with Stake-to-Earn Capabilities is Trending 

The sensational Bitcoin BSC presale crossed the $3M milestone on Tuesday. It has to raise just $960,000 to reach the soft cap goal at this point. 

Each Bitcoin BSC token is selling for a fixed price of $0.99 at the presale, similar to the bitcoin price in 2011.

Bitcoin BSC is Hot!

It has only been a few days since the Bitcoin BSC presale went live. Its meteoric progress to the new milestone comes as a pleasant shock to the market, which has been waiting for a new cryptocurrency with exponential potential for some time now. 

At the heart of it, Bitcoin BSC is a green BEP-20 version of Bitcoin built on BNB Smart Chain. It is simulated to begin its journey similar to Bitcoin’s in 2011. 

The key selling point of Bitcoin BSC, apart from its massive speculative potential, is its staking smart contract that pays out BTCBSC tokens every 10 minutes, in line with Bitcoin’s block schedule. 

Missed the Bitcoin Pump? 

Well, so did most of the market. While some of us didn’t want to join the geeky gang back then, some of us were still in middle school. 

But if you’re buying Bitcoin now as a way of redemption, you need to think beyond. It is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency. And for the same reason, you can’t expect it to generate multifold returns now. 

To give you a better perspective, Bitcoin was valued at around $1 back in 2011. Had you invested $1000 in BTC then, you’d have become a billionaire by 2013. The coin went on a 1000X climb in two years! 

Bitcoin all-time price action, CoinMarketCap

In the years that followed, BTC gained widespread attention and fast-forward to 2021, the coin was selling for $68,789.63. 

Since then, it has descended the charts to $26,780. But still, the lifetime ROI of BTC is mind-boggling at 43315287.44%! 

Over the years, the market cap of BTC has ballooned up to $522B. An investor who expects it to grow 1000 times again needs a reality check. 

While most investors jump onto a token once it has made news headlines, the key to success lies in thinking ahead. It is always better to be a part of a small community that understands the potential of a new or underrated cryptocurrency than to join the herd. 

2.0 Coins Have a History of Exponential Launch

2.0 coins are enjoying a surge in popularity. They have made headlines multiple times this year, similar to meme coins. They give a new twist to established cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, and ETH with features like better transparency, efficiency, or security. 

Take BTC2.0, for instance, which experienced remarkable growth after its launch in July, skyrocketing from $0.1094 to $0.8802. The 87-fold rise outperformed top meme coins this year.

2.0 coins that followed, like BTC20, also garnered significant attention even before the official release. After a meteoric presale, the token surged by an impressive 600%.

The euphoria around Bitcoin BSC is justified, as a result, potentially positioning it as the next cryptocurrency preparing for an explosive launch, ranging from 50X-70X. 

Can BTCBSC sustain the momentum in the long term, however?

Stake-to-Earn Features Give Long-term Relevance to Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC puts forward an excellent stake-to-earn feature. In addition to potential value appreciation, investors can also earn passive income when holding BTCBSC.

Of course. Bitcoin offers rewards. But it is far from passive. It relies on a mining process to secure its network, which rewards miners but is inaccessible to many. The cost, complexity, and environmental impact heighten its entry barrier. 

In contrast, Bitcoin BSC operates on the BNB Smart Chain, and thus offers a faster, more secure, and eco-friendly source of passive income. Here, you can earn rewards simply by staking your Bitcoin BSC tokens. 

It is beginner-friendly, as it requires no initial investment or technical expertise. Moreover, it consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional Bitcoin mining.

Presale investors can begin staking and generating passive income right away from Bitcoin BSC.

Can Bitcoin BSC Repeat History and Climb from $1 to $30,000? 

Bitcoin BSC has the potential to repeat history. 

But even if it doesn’t, it is an excellent investment this year that can generate multifold returns within a few days of the launch. It also has long-term investment potential, underpinned by its stake-to-earn capabilities. 

The best way into the project is the BTCBSC presale, which is on its way to the soft cap. The hard cap of the presale is set low at $6,063,750, giving large room for returns to early investors. 


Other New Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now

Meme coins are another category of cryptocurrencies with exponential capabilities. The trending meme coin, Wall Street Memes (WSM), has scheduled its token launch for later this month. The hot presale of WSM tokens that crossed the $25M milestone ahead of schedule still continues at a fixed price. 

It will close in 6 days. 

The investment will prove to be hefty after the token launch, factoring in the euphoria around the meme coin. It is widely predicted to outperform Pepe and make its way to the top-3 meme coin chart. 

If you have your eyes on a utility coin, Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is a good option. The platform is preparing to host the next 10M users to Web3. 

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