Big updates for the Request Network (REQ)

Request Network technology was created by the Request Network foundation to set up a framework which anyone could use to develop financial solutions for their platforms. Once endorsed by the big man Ian Balina himself (take that for what you will) the coin hasn’t been moving a lot lately, ignoring Bitcoin’s erratic movement.

Still looking at the graph, we see a pretty delicious “shitcoin” that hasn’t really moved upwards since the January crash. Mostly hovering around $0.25 USD for months now, it would seem like REQ us going through a pretty strong period of accumulation which could end any time now. Considering its ATH broke 1 dollar, its current price of $0.19 seems like an excellent bet.

Some good news and developments should help this coin rise in price in the future period. One such piece of news is definitely the recent blog post made by Robbing Mazurel, Brand Manager at Request Network Foundation. On May 11th, he announced that the Request Network has just received an important project update which deployed Bitcoin and ERC20 support on the network mainnet. To quote Mr. Mazurel himself:

“After extensive internal testing and a successful audit of the ERC20 contracts by Clement Lesaege, CTO at Kleros, both BTC and ERC20 support is now operational within the Request Network protocol library. Now every developer can integrate BTC and supported ERC20 tokens as a payment option in their dApp. The first tokens that are available today are KNC, OMG & REQ, with DGX & DAI coming soon.”

Both BTC and ERC20  tokens (the ones named in the quote above) qualify for the bug bounty program of the network, with critical vulnerabilities promising up to $20 000 and major bugs up to $15 000 to developers who solve them.

In other important updates, the post mentions PwC Blockchain Lab France visiting the REQ offices at Singapore and giving them insight into how to improve the Request Protocol. PwC’s deep industry understanding helped the REQ developers identify areas where their technology could have a big impact and cause a revolution in the way things operate. The new ideas and improvements will have a massive influence on the way systems like accounting, payments and invoicing operate on the Request Network.

“Collaborating with the PwC Blockchain lab this past week gave us tremendous insight into the real world applications for our technology. The team was very knowledgeable and were a big help in helping us define use cases, and how to best implement them moving forward,” said Brice Sturms of Strategic Partnerships division of the Request Network Foundation.

A member of the PwC France team gave its thoughts on this recent cooperation:

“I’m very honoured to have a partnership with Request Network. During these five days immersion of work between our two teams, I have discovered an international and very professional team, fully engaged with their community, keeping their foot at the ground and their eyes at the stars! We have designed together use cases that could exceed expectations of the future customers, bridging the gap between the historical business world and the distributed world of blockchain.” said Marie Line Ricard, Blockchain Lab Leader at PwC.

Finally, another major update included the REQ team announcing cooperation with Blockfolio, in some circles known as the no.1 portfolio management app out there. Blockfolio’s recent project named Blockfolio Signal is designed to “combat misinformation in crypto”.

“Integrated directly into the Blockfolio app, Signal will address the needs of the current ecosystem, where communication channels such as social media and chat rooms are often riddled with spam, scams, and unverified data. As these channels increasingly become a primary source of investor information, Signal aims to solve these issues by providing a scalable, verified way for leadership teams to communicate directly with token holders.

The Signal beta will be integrated into the default Blockfolio app and will deliver updates about a coin directly from verified sources. REQ is just one of the tokens that confirmed its willingness to become a part of this program, signaling their desire to be transparent and true to their holders.

The coin looks pretty good at the moment, still relatively cheap and with a lot of good updates happening. A reddit user depp 1995 sums up our thoughts completely by saying:

“The fact that you will now be able to accept BTC with Request Network is such a huge milestone – Now you will be able to easily implement and accept payments in BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens (REQ, OMG, KNC, DGX & DAI will be the first one being supported)

I can’t wait to see where Request is heading this year but after each update I’m more and more impressed with the project/team.”

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