Best DEX on zkSync: Key Features, Tokenomics, User Experience

As Ethereum gas fees soar, traders are flocking to Layer 2 solutions like zkSync for affordable swaps. zkSync leverages zero-knowledge rollups to offer low-cost, high-speed transactions while inheriting Ethereum’s security. This makes zkSync an ideal environment for decentralized exchanges aiming to provide a seamless trading experience.

In this article, we dive into the top DEXs building on zkSync. These next-generation platforms are racing to capture liquidity and market share within zkSync’s rapidly growing ecosystem. We analyze the features, tokenomics, user experience, and performance of leading contenders like ZigZag, SyncSwap, Via Protocol, etc.

With zkSync advancing scaling technology and its native DEXs attracting liquidity, the network is poised to challenge older DEXs like Uniswap. Traders dissatisfied with soaring Ethereum fees and congestion can find refuge in zkSync’s bourgeoning ecosystem. Read on for our picks for the top DEXs on zkSync that offer the perfect blend of affordability, speed, and decentralization.

What is zkSync

Key Benefits

  • Scalability – zkSync can process over 2,000 transactions per second, far beyond Ethereum’s ~15 TPS limit. This solves congestion and high fees.
  • Speed – Withdrawals from zkSync to Ethereum take only 15 minutes to 3 hours, much faster than other rollups. Rapid exits improve flexibility.
  • Low Fees – By batching transactions off-chain, zkSync reduces fees 100x or more compared to Layer 1. This unlocks more affordability.
  • Security – zkSync maintains Ethereum-level security guarantees unlike other scaling options like sidechains. Users don’t sacrifice decentralization.

zkSync Era (v2.0)

zkSync launched v2.0 in early 2023, rebranding it as zkSync Era. This introduced mainnet access for all users, marking a major milestone for adoption.

Developer Adoption

Over 200 projects were set to deploy on zkSync, highlighting strong developer enthusiasm. Today, more than 10 protocols are active on zkSync Era across DeFi, NFTs, and more.

zkSync Wallet

Beyond a scaling engine, zkSync also offers its own Ethereum wallet product. This provides a user-friendly portal for sending low-cost ETH and ERC-20 transactions.

The Road Ahead

As Ethereum pushes its scalability limits with growing adoption, zkSync represents a promising Layer 2 solution. By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, it unlocks vastly greater throughput and affordability without compromising decentralization. zkSync Era makes these benefits accessible to all.

What are the best DEXes on zkSync?


ZigZag combines the benefits of decentralized control with the liquidity of order book models. By using ZK Rollups, it offers fast, low-cost trading on Ethereum Layer 2. ZigZag’s order book provides unlimited liquidity by aggregating top crypto market makers.

For traders, ZigZag unlocks the speed and depth previously only available on centralized exchanges. But as a true DEX, it maintains security and removes intermediary risks.


SyncSwap taps into the power of zkSync, using ZK Rollups to bundle transactions off-chain for efficiency gains. This enables low-cost swaps and liquidity pools with Ethereum-level security.

Early adopters even gain access to SYNC airdrops for interacting with SyncSwap’s testnet. As zkSync infrastructure matures, expect SyncSwap to challenge older DEX protocols.

Mute leverages zkSync to offer a suite of DeFi solutions including swaps, liquidity pools, and tokenized assets. Users can trade, earn yield, and access governance rights within a secure, efficient protocol.

Novel primitives like Mute Amplifier incentivize liquidity provision using MUTE tokens. Mute Bonds even let users get MUTE at a discount. Innovations like these highlight the project’s commitment to pushing DeFi forward.


SynFutures brings the flexibility of Uniswap to crypto derivatives trading. The protocol allows anyone to freely create and trade synthetic futures contracts on any trading pair with zero permission.

Users can simply list a contract through SynFutures’ interface and instantly begin trading. This unlocks open-ended customization for traders to speculate on the assets they want.

By aggregating derivatives liquidity into a unified AMM, SynFutures unlocks network effects and eliminates the need for order books. The protocol empowers users to be market makers, not just price takers.

Via Protocol

Via Protocol revolutionizes DeFi trading by aggregating liquidity across both DEXs and blockchains. Its routing system scans 40+ DEXs across 13 networks to find the optimal trade pricing.

The protocol even sources temporary liquidity from its reserves when needed to ensure trades execute within minutes. This handles the complexity of fragmented liquidity, giving users a simple unified trading experience.

As DeFi expands across multiple chains, Via Protocol will become increasingly necessary to connect that dispersed liquidity. It represents the future of efficient, low-cost decentralized trading.


DeBridge tackles blockchain interoperability through its decentralized oracle/validator network. Validators enable asset transfers between chains by locking and unlocking collateral.

This architecture powers the seamless movement of assets and data between blockchains. DeBridge unlocks new potential like yield farming on multiple chains and cross-chain NFT marketplaces.

Protocols like DeBridge make a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem viable. As digital assets become more scattered across networks, solutions for interconnectivity will be essential.

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