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News and chats have been going around Polkadot for quite some time now, and today I will be glad to tell you about this cryptocurrency  At first, what ... Review Dealing with cryptocurrencies can prove to be quite time-consuming and tedious. Creating an account on the crypto exchanges and ...

On the 29th of May Guardicore Labs, the expert international hacking and cybersecurity group announced the disturbing results of an in-house analysis. The ...

The more apt researchers and unbiased crypto investors and speculators already know this, but some formerly delusional ETN holders are figuring it out as ...

The post with alleged proof of Verge fraud appeared on Reddit. The user who posted it claims he might have found a proof that Verge lied about their $3 ...

Justin Sun appears to have some kind of Ethereum fetish as he keeps comparing his project to the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin. In spite of notorious Ethereum ...

Buying a Bittorrent token or BTT is going to be a real hassle for non-crypto users. This Tweet from @zeuszissou details the steps a new user would need to go ...

Canada’s largest crypto exchange QuadrigaCX lost more than $190 million worth of user funds and is unable to reimburse its users. As of Jan. 31, 2019, ...

Couple of days ago a bombshell article popped up calling Elastos a scam and citing 10 reasons as to why. Even though the headline of the article was very ...

Popular crypto “insider” Twitter account @btcking555 posted an interesting tweet yesterday, confirming that the rumors of Bitmain’s current CEO Jihan Wu ...

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  1. We actually did couple of posts on OMG earlier, where we covered how the missed deadlines and unreal expectations in combination with poor communication make up a terrible mix for OMG and their future. This user’s post perfectly mirrored those articles and we clearly stated that this is a relay of his post.

  2. The post is referenced in the article.

  3. Cool

  4. At the time, in 2017 it was 3rd. That time qualifier has been added, thanks for the catch :).

  5. Not active as a developer.

  6. Yes, I clearly stated that I took paragraphs from this author as I fully agreed with him.

    You do realize that you did nothing but insult me with your comment? No rebuttal or counter-arguments. Bottom line is, Ripple created XRP and still completely controls every aspect of the project making it entirely centralized and NOT a cryptocurrency.

  7. Thanks – I do have a small head so I guess my brain really is little 🙂

  8. You do realize that most of his points are simply his opinions sprinkled with couple of images? Take off the shitcoin glasses before you go bankrupt.

  9. Thanks for the comment! Please do point out the “uneducated” part, otherwise your comment is waste of time.

  10. Thanks for the feedback and sorry that truth offends you!

  11. Thank you very much for this insight! I will make sure to look into it – my job on the site (and in life) is to be the thorny skeptic!

  12. But there is some serious liquidity and dumping on hodlers. The fork is just an initiative from within the Kin community that I touched upon.

  13. Thanks for the comment! I will ignore the insults and your opinion on the article as that is utterly irrelevant and will focus on this part:
    You admit they pumped and dumped the coin on their community – please do tell me what is you definition of a scam? For me, that is a scam. An exit scam as no one with an ounce of dignity can come back and ask people to believe him again after he shit on them. Plus, anonymous developers = 70% scam in my eyes. Perform an overt PnD you get another 30%. So 100% scam.

    Perhaps not an exit scam – they might come back to plunder the community one more time. If that is the message you are trying to convey, I actually agree – that might happen as crypto is full of masochistic idiots that keep letting frauds shit over them.

  14. Thank you baron for commenting on my peasant post. Now go shill your KIN bags while VC funds dump on you, mighty aristocrat.